Five Steps To Financial Freedom

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How Do I Achieve Financial Freedom


Steps to financial freedom and empowerment begin with a decision to empower your self or change you personal situation. Every journey begins with the first step and continues with one foot in front of the other. This journey up the mountain can have some stumbles but with perseverance and the proper guidance the climb is easier.

Make A Decision

This decision is probably going to be made when a person decides that their financial situation or work environment needs a change. Other influences could be that the retirement fund is falling short or medical bill are piling up. What would really be nice is if we realized we could take control of our financial future when we are young.

In these days and times the next common path is an internet search. We look for work from home, or even steps to financial freedom. I am going to give you a solution. The solution is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealth Affiliate is an educational platform that has an all-inclusive training solution in the business of affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is where a person takes a specific interest or product and then builds a website to promote your passion. Then with the education provided you learn to attract traffic to your site and generate revenue.

Get Training

The next step is to get the training necessary to conduct affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has a complete training system that you can complete at your convenience. The best place to start is with the seven-day free trial. After seven days there is the opportunity to go with the Premium membership that includes many more privileges as you can imagine. Please refer to the grid shown and then go to my “Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Financial Freedom” page for more complete information.

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

The cost for all this training is very affordable with nothing else to buy other than a few incidentals necessary for conducting your business. The yearly package costs $359.00/ year. The incidentals include the price of a domain(.com ,.org, .net) or website theme. These products are available through Wealthy Affiliate meaning you do not have to shop elsewhere. There are no up sells meaning you do not have to buy expensive products to continue with the program.

The important point here is that you are building an internet business. Your business that depends on your input and time. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Building a business takes time and dedication.

Put Your Education To Work

I stated in the previous paragraph that this is your internet business. If you have no background in this environment it is absolutely necessary to follow the training as it is laid out. Even course members with previous experience have remarked that the training works best when followed in order. There is an abundance of additional training material available to help the novice get their business off the ground. This includes videos and a host of tutorials over and above the course training. The next step is to apply this training with active participation. The training is designed for you apply the training as you proceed.

Write Good Content

During the training you will learn how to write content for your website. Content is the advice, thoughts or training that makes your website an authority in its field. Good quality and frequent content is what the search engines look for so that your website ranks higher during Google or Bing searches.


The training teaches you how to do SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The tool provided is Jaaxy. This is a quality product that makes your search for the necessary keywords for your content easy. Jaaxy is provided to you at no extra cost.

Do not be afraid of writing content. You do not have to be a Pulitzer Prize writer to accomplish quality content. It is probably more important to be an expert in your field and write from the heart than worry about thesis quality content.

There are times when content is not that necessary. An example would be a product that needs very little explanation and literary sells itself. The benefit of being a premium member is that you get to view hundreds of websites to see what others are doing. Remember that your potential market is the 4 billion people on the internet.

Promote Your Business

Promoting your business can develop in a number of ways. Your website could depend on organic searches as you will be taught using SEO. It is possible you will choose to utilize social media to promote your business. There are also promotions that can done with YouTube videos or email lists. You will find what works for you as you proceed through the training.

In a nut shell we have an overview of what Wealthy Affiliate can prepare you to accomplish if you choose to make a decision today to secure your Financial Freedom and Empowerment. I stated earlier that this is not a get-rich-quick program, however if you are ready to commit yourself to an adventure please click the banner below.

Wealthy Affiliate



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Successful Home Business Ideas


Make Money Online

Wealthy Affiliate

In my last post we talked about Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is where someone builds a website and with the market you have selected to promote go through the process to monetize it and then you are paid commissions. Some examples of this are A Cat Care website with Amazon products being promoted. Go to for a look. Another idea is Football Snack Helmets and another website promotes juicers.

After you select a market the next step is to promote it either through regular informational posts as I do with this website or with advertising through social media, forums and such. All the techniques you need are described in the training provided through Wealthy Affiliate.

Financial Empowerment begins with KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is power like the horses in the picture. With this power you get to make decisions and have more control over your life. Wealthy Affiliate provides this you with this knowledge.

How To Pick A Niche

This process can be confusing or it can be easy. First of all it can be overthought. Ideas to start with are, what do you like to do or are deeply passionate about. This can be anything from cooking to pets to skills that you have. You are limited only by your imagination. Other options are to find a product and promote that. I have seen a website that sells solar lighting. Another website produced by an individual sells organic cookies and products. So you can see the ideas are endless.

When there are times when you can not decide on a NICHE market for you there are Affiliate Marketing Platforms such as ShareASale or Rakuten Marketing that can connect you to vast array of products and services where you should have no problem finding a market suited to you.

Another method of finding an affiliate for you to work with is to use Google and search for a company or product you like and add + affiliate to your search. The search could look like this “car parts + affiliate” or “gardening + affiliate”. Again the possibilities are endless.

There is a word of caution here. I was researching a company that sells home and industrial security equipment. I know this company and I trust their products and services, but their affiliate program only pays .01% commission. When you find an affiliate you like it is necessary for you to do your homework and know what the commissions are, how and when they pay. You must do your due diligence.

Work From Home

The ability to conduct this business can be accomplished from home. Here is what is necessary.

It is necessary to choose an interest.

You have to build a website and that is accomplished with Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate you will be instructed on attracting traffic to your website.

With all that work you will generate revenue.

These four short steps set you on the journey to becoming an Affiliate Marketer. The first step on this journey is to accept the training that is available to you at Wealthy Affiliate. You must realize that this is not a GET RICH QUICK program. For most people it is a new learning curve and it is necessary to follow the training and act on it.

Who Is This For

The course at Wealthy Affiliate is for you. It’s for the student that needs income. It’s for the wage earner who is tired of commuting and office life. It’s for the close to retirement person with a poor or no retirement fund. This work from home course and business is perfect for the home care giver. Post secondary education takes time and money. Most students leave with a big student loan with not necessarily having employment.

The course at Wealthy Affiliate can be done at your convenience and for the cost of a cup of coffee a day. The cost is Free for the first seven days. The next month is priced at $19.00 to go to the premium membership with each month after that costing $47.00. The best package is to sign up for a full year for $359.00. This works out to 98 cents a day for a full premium membership.

Remember you are building a business. A business that can produce as much income as a brick and mortar store. Take the training seriously and apply it.

Please follow the link “Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom” for more complete course information.

The beginning of your Financial Empowerment starts with a CLICK.

Wealthy Affiliate

Your Financial Empowerment begins with a decision and follows with your commitment. I tell my son – You can plan your days or have someone plan them for you.

Have a wonderful day



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Moving Towards Financial Empowerment

Catalina Island

Work From Home Business Ideas

Your journey towards financial empowerment and prosperity can sometimes be a long and winding road. We go through our lives going to school, learning and preparing ourselves for employment. We search for our spot in life and move towards our goal with hard work and dedication.

We spend decades doing the same thing because of the love what we do. Sometimes the thrill wears off and we put in our time until we can quit and spend time doing what we really want to do. This plan should begin as soon as we leave high school. This plan fails as there are many things that compete for our dollars. Some of these things are nothing but a drain. The point of this is not to criticize how someone lives their life. Life with your nose to the grindstone is no fun, however there must be a balance of life style and a plan to financial freedom.

Would it not be nice if we could do something that would provide supplemental income or even replace our current employment and conduct our own business at our own time and convenience.

As we research our work from home business ideas’ on the internet it will be noticed that there are endless possibilities. There are countless solicitations reaching for our time and money with promises of sustainable prosperity. Some of these are legitimate and some are not. You must do your due diligence and make intelligent decisions.

I am going to introduce you to the path I have taken. I have tried a few things and wasted both time and money to a certain extent. The educational aspect of the things I tried is never lost, but I did not make any money. I want to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive training platform that teaches you how to work from home, online at your own convince and time schedule. If you are looking to start a business from home this is the road to take. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the intricacies of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you chose a niche market and build a website to promote your market and through the course you learn how to monetize it and produce an income. The course will guide you on how to pick a market. Perhaps you have your own product, business or service to promote. In my next post I will go into more detail on picking markets.

Office desk


Imagine if you are going to start a brick and mortar business. You need funding, a building, staff and inventory. Now imagine if your business looked like this where you can do just as much business and do it from the comfort of your home.

We must remember that Wealthy Affiliate is a course. Because it is a study course you must “study” and do the work. If you sign up and expect money to start flowing, well that will not happen. A person goes to post secondary education for years with the expectation of getting a job. That required a lot of work and money. The same philosophy applies here.

The difference here is that the cost is virtually minimal and you need access to a computer. The first seven days are Free. The next step is to buy the yearly premium membership for $359.00. For 98 cents a day you will have access to all the privileges the course provides. Please go to my “Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom” page for more complete information.

When you enroll at Wealthy Affiliate you are not left by your self. There are numerous resources at your disposal. Everything from video training, class rooms and other tutorials. There is a 24/7 live chat and technical support. Currently there are three focus groups helping each other with course material.

There are some things at Wealthy Affiliate you do not have to do. You don’t have to recruit people, you don’t have to host meetings and you do not have to hard sell to your friends and family. What you must do is follow the course material in order and do all the lessons. Your market is the 4 billion people on the internet.


The cost and the course material are all laid out in the beginning. There are no up sells. This is a question to ask if you are researching other training platforms. Up sells are where you are invited to purchase high priced products in order to progress with their training. There will be some incidental costs mind you. These are unavoidable. While these are minimal it will be necessary to purchase website domains. There are times when you might want to up grade some products such as Jaaxy. Jaaxy is the in house SEO tool that you will be using for key word research. This is not necessary and would be at your discretion.

Work On Line From Home

Successful home business require dedication. Anyone can do this. It would be perfect for someone who is tired of the daily grind, commuting or maybe just needing a change. It would be a great supplement as you prepare to leave your job or something to do after you retire.

The time to start your journey to Financial Empowerment is today.

Click here for your Seven Day Free Trial.

Wealthy Affiliate


Thank you for reading this material. If you have made it this far give the Free Trial a try. If you have any questions please do so below.

Thank You



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Your Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment

Your financial empowerment begins with the decision to have a change in your life. I think a definition of financial empowerment is an ability or process where you can enhance your capacity to make choices and turn those choices into a life style where you as an individual have control. The benefits of financial empowerment are powerful and in the hands of a responsible individual can benefit your family or community.

Imagine not having to worry about too much month left at the end of the paycheck. Everything begins with a plan. When we leave high school we are taught or encouraged to continue our education or get a job. Both of these options are worthy goals, but not everyone will gain the financial freedom to live the retirement dream that the television shows us.

Working hard is a good personal trait. It helps us overcome obstacles and keeps us focused. Focus helps us complete necessary tasks like completing school or our vocation. I truly believe that we should get paid properly for what we do. When working for someone else we are limited to what ever someone is willing to pay us.

When the moment arrives and we need more income to do something special or provide for the new family the search for financial improvement begins. Medical issues, job layoffs or early retirement can draw on a limited income.

Not everyone can or has the ability to be prepared for the unexpected events’ life throws at us. There are lots of competition for our pay checks. The necessities of life plus providing for family consumes our income, sometimes with little left for savings or maybe just having fun. The usual next step is to borrow money for the extras knowing that we will have to pay it back at some point. Debt is easy to acquire and hard to get rid of.

Improve Your Financial Situation

The search to improve your financial situation begins when we realize we cannot rise above our situation working at a job for someone else. I am not telling you to just quit your job. That would be bad advice. Sometimes its necessary, but its better to have a plan and leave on your own terms.

There are several options. You could get a second job. That robs you of time for a life. Your spouse could get a job. That could mean daycare or other incurred expenses.

The place to start improving your financial situation begins with where you are right now. Do participate in your company retirement plan? Do you put 10 % of your income into a savings or retirement fund?

One option is to do something from home that you can monitor at your convenience. With study and good support I know people that have done well with stock and commodity trading. This business is a high risk endeavor with usually requiring a margin account. Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose.

Make money online

My next suggestion is the path I have taken. I wish I had found this earlier in my life. This is called Affiliate Marketing. Anyone can do this regardless of age. Earlier the better. This would be perfect for the high school student right on up to the stay home care giver or retired person.

Affiliate marketing is a process where you build a website and sell products or services. This business can be carried out from anywhere as long as you have computer access. You can work at your own pace and even do this without quitting your job or schooling. There is a catch though, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not multi level marketing. This is a job where you pick a niche market or service and build a website. This is building a business without having a building, staff or inventory. You will be marketing to the 4 billion people on the internet.

How Do You Do This

Wealthy Affiliate

I am going to introduce you Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is a web based training platform that is a Business Building Community allowing you to build a web based business from your computer. During the training you will be guided through the process of selecting a niche or product to build a web based business. Then you will be taught how to build a website and through the 50 lessons of high quality guided training you end up with a website with the ability to provide you an income.

The place to start is with the 7-day free trial. During this period you get 10 lessons 2 class rooms and two websites. This is where you decide if you want to continue. This is then possible to continue with the next month for $19.00. Each month after that is $47.00 or if you want to commit to a one-year tuition it is $359.00. As a paid premium member you will have extensive resources at your disposal. You will find that when you sign up all the steps are laid out for you. There are no hidden fees or solicitations.

As you do your due diligence of Wealthy Affiliate you will find that there are no other cost other than a few incidentals such as buying you own domain or upgrading a subscription to Jaaxy which is a keyword and research tool. There are no up sells. Meaning you do not have to buy high priced packages to continue to the next level. The next level for students at Wealthy Affiliate is to improve your marketing skills to produce a revenue generating website.

Wealth Affiliate is a community of like-minded students from all over the world. As we speak there are three focus groups operating being guided by senior course members/web marketers. One of these is being officiated by one of the owners. As a premium member you have access to 24/7 support from course members and technical help. Please go to my” Wealthy Affiliate – The Key to Your Financial Freedom” page for more information.

I hope you have found this discussion interesting. If you have any questions or comments please leave a not below.

Now all you have to do now is get STARTED.

Click the picture to for your opportunity to begin your Financial Empowerment


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Living To Your Potential

What’s Your Potential

Living life to your full potential is hard at times. We all have commitments with family and employers. We all have bills to pay. This puts our dreams on hold until we have the time and money to make things happen. Usually if we have the money we can make the time, unless you are a slave to your profession working 60 hour work weeks to make ends meet.

There is nothing wrong with having a good job. This world needs people who are able to do specialized tasks. From mechanics to doctors, from carpenters to astronauts this world needs people to meet the challenges of this world.

For some of us the daily grind with its commuting, difficult management, or perhaps unreasonable coworkers a job is something we just have to do. Sometimes when we know we need a change it is hard to do with all the responsibilities we are committed to.

What is the answer? I think the answer is to start working for your self and make your own future. The Answer is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Affiliate marketing is where you build a home/computer based business. You are the boss. You set your own time schedule and goals. The staff meeting in the morning are short. No one sets the amount of money you are worth. It’s up to you and the education you need to do this is provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealth Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the key to fulfilling your life potential and your financial empowerment. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that is a Business Building Community allowing you to build a web base business from your computer. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and is still going strong.

Affiliate marketing is a process where you chose a niche market or product and then build a website. This website is constructed from the tools and education provided to you by Wealthy Affiliate. I have seen niches that promote organic cookies, cats, services and an infinite number of goods. You are limited by your imagination. You profit potential is limited by your effort. This also means that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.


The training in the Wealthy Affiliate program is all-inclusive and well laid out. A person does not need extensive technical experience and where assistance is needed there are numerous resources available to get you over any hurdles. A person can go through the training at your own pace and at the same time get in contact with students from all over the world for advice and support. Wealth Affiliate is a very social group.

Who Can Use Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is open and available to anyone. With access to a computer you are ready to go to work. People from every walk of life and every profession are enrolled at Wealth Affiliate. The training will prepare you to make income from a website and topic of your choice. Imagine if you are a student in need of income for further training, or a person who wants to work from home. Perhaps you want a website to promote your own business or services. You could even build websites for other people.

What Does It Cost

It must be pointed out here that the primary reason you would join Wealthy Affiliate is to build a business and make money. You need a computer and a place to work. You don’t have to buy or lease a building, have inventory or hire staff.

Make Money

The cost is Free for seven days. Next step is to go premium for $19.00 for the first month with each month thereafter costing $47.00. The best deal is to sign up for a full year for $359.00. Yearly renewals are $359.00 with specials at the end of the year. This works out to 98 cents a day for an incredible package. There are other incidental costs such as buying a domain for $15.00 a year. These costs are minimal with no other purchases necessary to complete the course.

When Can I Join

Enrollment is open any time. There are no deadlines to meet and course progress is at your own pace.



Success begins with a decision and continues with perseverance. If you enroll in university or trade school your progress is entirely up to you. It is the same here. It is best to do the lessons in order, don’t rush and ask lots of questions. Success is a stair case and like any journey is one step at a time. Wherever you go – go with all your heart!


Sign Up Today

Click this link to get started ===> Wealthy Affiliate




I hope you enjoyed this discussion. Go to my Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom for more information.

If you have any questions or comments please do so below.


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