Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Is Here Soon

In my previous post We had a great overview of what Wealthy Affiliate is. This is your opportunity to begin your own business plus take advantage of the bonuses that come with enrollment with the Black Friday offer.

The Black Friday Offer

The following is a transcript from Kyle, one of the creators of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle states:

Here is the lowdown. This Friday, November 23rd the Black Friday Offer is going to drop. You are going to be able to get Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership at the lowest price ever, along with some never-seen-before bonuses.

The price of membership is going to be $299 USD for an entire year of Premium. This includes everything, all the live classes, all the website/research platform access, all the courses, access the updates and new platforms, live mentoring and support, and some really breakthrough training platforms that I am personally going to be rolling out. You get the key to the community!

Not just that though, we are going to throw in some special bonuses that are going to help you with your business in the year ahead.

Black Friday Bonuses

Bonus #1: Live Video Class – The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce”

Within the online world, what is the secret sauce to creating a successful and thriving business? There must be something that those that are successful do to make up the secret sauce, and something that those that are failing aren’t doing. Right?

The differences became VERY evident as I looked back on my experiences over the past 17 years online. I have spent several months and a great deal of critical thinking assessing what the “sauce” is, and I have really come up with a breakdown of the process that can and will lead ANYONE to any level of success online.

This is a one-hour live class, with full Q & A. Prepare to be floored!

Bonus #2: The 7 Factor Secret Sauce, The White Paper.

As I has been spending time looking inwards about what the true secret sauce is, what leads folks to creating multi-million dollar businesses, and what leads others to mediocrity (or worse yet, failure), I have been establishing a great deal of insightful literature on this.

I packed this into a “White Paper” type document that we will be going to be packaging up and offering as a PDF to everyone that takes part in the Black Friday offer. This is going to include a breakdown of actionable tasks that will take any newbie, and turn them into a thriving expert within the online world.

Get ready to take you online biz game to the next level!

Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks)

This is going to be a 5-part training series, offered over 5 consecutive weeks. In this training Jay is going to show how to take a brand new idea and establish a business in the matter of FIVE short weeks. There are going to be several shortcuts covered within this training, shortcuts that will literally shave and save you months of time and $1,000’s of dollars in your business.

There are many important junctures in your business, those moments that can truly make the difference between failure/mediocrity, or a long term and fruitful business. Jay is going to give you an actionable walk-through to ensure YOUR success in 2019 over this 5 week series of live classes.

Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to NEW Releases at Wealthy Affiliate

We have A LOT of slated roll outs in 2019, in fact our busiest one we have ever had. We are going to be offering early beta access to some of these platforms prior to launching. As a Black Friday member you are going to get an exclusive “insider” look into these platforms, before they are released. Exciting stuff ahead, we plan on reinventing the affiliate marketing industry once again in 2019 through significant platform releases and updates within WA.

So I hope I have helped you appreciate the overall landscape online in the year ahead, not just here within WA, but the growing opportunity of the internet. It continues to grow, it continues to get more exciting, and the proficiency in which you can create and grow an online business is going to continue to improve with the technology here at WA.

If you have any questions about the Black Friday event at Wealthy Affiliate please leave a comment below.

2019, Your Year ( Trevor’s Hopes For You )

Let 2019 be your year to live life on your own terms. Be your own boss. The education provided here is affordable and priceless at the same time. I am going to include this picture again because it defines my last job.

The BossIt is better to work hard for a short time (depending on your commitment and effort ) and build a business that works for you 24/7 than to work for 40 years at a job that leaves you with a weak pension. Please follow this link to my previous post for a description of Wealthy Affiliate.



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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy AffiliateThe point of today’s post is to help prospective members get acquainted with the aspects of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. This is not a review that compares Wealthy Affiliate to other programs. I believe that the Wealthy Affilite Program is standalone complete training system. This is a training platform that prepares you to build a home based that will lead you to financial empowerment and an independent life style.


Wealth Affiliate Training

To begin it should be noted that Wealthy Affiliate is an educational website that is a campus, a community and a complete one stop shop for affiliate marketing training.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university where students learn every aspect of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you pick a niche, market, hobby or anything that interests you and then build a website. Through the training you are taught how to monetize it and produce an income. An affiliate is someone who acts as intermediary between a business and people who are willing to purchase your product. The products and services are endless. There are about 4 billion people on the internet and you are taught how to sell to this population.

You could build a website to promote Amazon, Walmart or thousands of other companies that want you to help them move products. You can even promote your own goods and services. This allows you to work from anywhere and at your own convenience.

Wealthy Affiliate

What You Get

Probably the best thing about this training platform is that you get exactly what is advertised. The seven-day free trial is exactly that. Then the first month of premium membership is $19.00 USD so you can see all the advantages of joining. The next step if you decide to continue is to sign up for a yearly membership or take it one month at a time for $47.00/month USD or the regular price of $359.00/year USD. Soon there be a Black Friday sale November 23 – November 26, 2018, for $299.00 a year in USD.


It should be noted that there are no Upsells or pressure to continue. This is an important detail unlike some institutions that get you in and then you can only proceed with additional purchases. If you continue there will be some additional costs such as domains, themes or an additional Jaaxy subscription if you desire(Jaaxy is a key word research tool that is provided to students on course). These purchases are not mandatory. These things are just part of doing business.


When You Join

Joining Wealthy Affiliate means you are committing to building a business. To help you build this business. Wealthy Affiliate has set up course material to train you in the art of affiliate marketing. There are two separate courses and the Certification Course is the place to start.

With the course material there are hours of class room materials for you to review at your own pace. The whole training system is designed to be completed in your own time frame. Please follow this link to The Key To Your Financial Freedom for more information.

You are not alone on this journey as the are hundreds of course mates to connect with in the live chat. Course members from around of the world, some with extensive computer and marketing background are there for you to converse with.

Every Friday there is a Live Webinar for you to take part in and they are never a disappointment. All webinar are recorded and are available for re watching at any time.

Skills Required

There is no educational requirement necessary in order to enroll on course. You of course need a computer and internet access. You do not need coding or a web design background in order to build a world-class website. The course material and classrooms cover everything you need to put your business out to the world. For technical issues there is a 24/7 SiteSupport team that provides quick and top-notch service. For those of us that are confused by some jargon and technical terms it is necessary to follow the course materials, ask questions and use the classrooms and your questions will be answered.

Will You Make Money

The BossThe point of affiliate marketing is to make money and have a life style that removes you from the 9 – 5 life that many endure. The ability to create an income that is greater that working for someone else is certainly there, however this will not happen without your input. The road to financial empowerment will not be straight and smooth therefore you must do the training and apply it. As with any business venture there is a learning curve and it is up to you to make it happen.

Who Is This For

After enrolling in the Premium Membership you will see course members are from around the world and come from every walk of life. From High School students to working people to retirement individuals the course is set up for everyone.

I think that the sooner you start the better. Tomorrow is just one day later. If you are in high school this would be a perfect opportunity to build a business without the stress of supporting yourself. Imagine creating enough income to pay for university or even providing yourself with a full time income.

Should you still be working this is a good sideline while you still have an income and maybe create an income so you can quit your job. Retirement plans from an employee contribution program can leave you short and a second income could make for a better retirement.

Other things to consider with this training is that you can create a website to promote your own goods or service. Other course members have created and manage websites for others.

Set A Goal

It is time to decide to take charge of your future. Take some time and give the 7-day free trial a try. From there your road to financial empowerment is in your hands. As I mentioned above this task of building a business is not quick or necessarily easy. There will be some frustrations and some accomplishments. Rome was not built in a day and money will not pour out of your computer until you get busy and start working. It is no different than going to university for four years and coming out with no job and huge student debt. Nothing happens until you apply yourself.


Here at The Wealthy Citizen my job is to bring to you opportunities to financially empower yourself. I feel it is necessary to be able to make things happen rather than take orders from others. People listen to those that can make change and have an influence. While being an employee has it rewards you will always be limited by others. Wealthy Affiliate can make that happen if you work at it.

If you have any questions or would like to comment please do so at the bottom .

All the Best


In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: Any/all of the links wealthycitizen.com are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. Please click this link for the full Affiliate Disclosure