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Creating Passive Income Online is one way to securing your financial independence. If you are a reader of my blog you will know where this is going and if you have not made the decision to take matters in to your on hands, today is the day to reconsider this message.

Being comfortable and satisfied in your current financial position is probably a rare event. I really believe that if a person thinks that they are indispensable in what ever job they hold might one day wake up being surprised.

Be Your Own Boss

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The only way to ensure your employment is to be your own boss. The way to be your own boss is to start an online internet business. We must realize that the internet will not be going away any time soon and that are billions of people online every day looking to spend their money.

Building Passive Income Online while you are still employed or perhaps you are a stay home mom/dad this business could be for you. The intent here is to build a passive income to supplement your current income and then transition to leaving your job and be self-sufficient.

The Lap Top Lifestyle

The lap top lifestyle means that you can work from your home, on the beach or anywhere there is an internet connection. An advantage to this is that your computer can produce as much income as a brick and mortar building with no staff or inventory.

How Is This Done

Wealthy Affiliate

Creating the lap top lifestyle is done by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. For 98 cents a day(USD) a student will have access to all the Wealthy Affiliate resources. The important item to consider is that there are no upsells meaning when you are a premium member you have access to all the training material including webinars, classrooms and community input. With my personal account the extra costs to me are domain renewals and a Jaaxy keyword tool subscription which I chose to purchase. Please follow this link to my page WealthyAffiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom for more information. Jaaxy is an industry standard SEO tool that is provided to every Wealthy Affiliate student.

The Process

To begin with Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that teaches students how to create income through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you pick a niche, market, hobby or something that you think the world needs and then build a website. Through the training you are taught how to monetize it to produce an income. An affiliate is someone who acts as intermediary between a business and people who are willing to purchase your product. There are billions of people on the internet looking for places and services where they can shop from home.

The four step process of becoming an affiliate marketer involves first picking a niche, then you build a website, next you attract visitors and when all that is in place you earn revenue.

Picking A Niche

During this process I recommend doing some soul-searching and find something that you are passionate about. It will be necessary to write content about your subject with passion and deliver quality useful information. I have seen profitable websites ranging from cooking, sewing, construction, astronomy and virtually anything that comes to mind.

Some websites are virtual stores where someone is promoting any number of products ranging from clothing, tools or electronics. The world is open for you to find something to sell. It is even possible for you to earn an income promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Build A Website

Make money online

The course material provided will guide a new student on building a website. All the tools necessary are there including a SEO tool that will help you select keyword for your content. Wealthy Affiliate has themes, domains and advanced website training. Having your website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate will give you the peace of mind knowing that you can focus on building your site and not have to worry about site protection or IT issues. Wealthy Affiliate has a courteous and prompt Site Support department working 24/7. Please follow this link to my Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom Page for more detailed information.

Attract Visitors

 By using the Jaaxy SEO tool included in the course ware you will find the proper key word to help your website rank in the search engines and develop your organic traffic. The training will give you guidance not only with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you will also be taught how to use social media to amplify your traffic.

Earn Revenue

This last step is the result of your hard work. The hard work is necessary and as I have mentioned so many times is that without dedicated effort there will not be a pay day. The aim of the exercise to produce a business within a preconceived time line that will eventually run while you sleep. Like any other business there will always be something to do to maintain your cash flow. The preconceived time line is based upon your goals and effort.

Time To Get Started

The time to make a change in your life is today. Time waits for no one and this is one commodity that should be used wisely. Have a look at Wealthy Affiliate with the Seven-Day Free Trial. There is no better opportunity available where you can begin you own business for 98 cents a day or $359.00/year USD for a Premium Membership.

Click on this link to get started. No credit card required.

That’s the Wealthy Citizens advice for today. Please leave a comment, suggestion or complaint below.



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