Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Is Here Soon

In my previous post We had a great overview of what Wealthy Affiliate is. This is your opportunity to begin your own business plus take advantage of the bonuses that come with enrollment with the Black Friday offer.

The Black Friday Offer

The following is a transcript from Kyle, one of the creators of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle states:

Here is the lowdown. This Friday, November 23rd the Black Friday Offer is going to drop. You are going to be able to get Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership at the lowest price ever, along with some never-seen-before bonuses.

The price of membership is going to be $299 USD for an entire year of Premium. This includes everything, all the live classes, all the website/research platform access, all the courses, access the updates and new platforms, live mentoring and support, and some really breakthrough training platforms that I am personally going to be rolling out. You get the key to the community!

Not just that though, we are going to throw in some special bonuses that are going to help you with your business in the year ahead.

Black Friday Bonuses

Bonus #1: Live Video Class – The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce”

Within the online world, what is the secret sauce to creating a successful and thriving business? There must be something that those that are successful do to make up the secret sauce, and something that those that are failing aren’t doing. Right?

The differences became VERY evident as I looked back on my experiences over the past 17 years online. I have spent several months and a great deal of critical thinking assessing what the “sauce” is, and I have really come up with a breakdown of the process that can and will lead ANYONE to any level of success online.

This is a one-hour live class, with full Q & A. Prepare to be floored!

Bonus #2: The 7 Factor Secret Sauce, The White Paper.

As I has been spending time looking inwards about what the true secret sauce is, what leads folks to creating multi-million dollar businesses, and what leads others to mediocrity (or worse yet, failure), I have been establishing a great deal of insightful literature on this.

I packed this into a “White Paper” type document that we will be going to be packaging up and offering as a PDF to everyone that takes part in the Black Friday offer. This is going to include a breakdown of actionable tasks that will take any newbie, and turn them into a thriving expert within the online world.

Get ready to take you online biz game to the next level!

Bonus #3: Creating a Lucrative Niche Website in 2019 (5 Weeks)

This is going to be a 5-part training series, offered over 5 consecutive weeks. In this training Jay is going to show how to take a brand new idea and establish a business in the matter of FIVE short weeks. There are going to be several shortcuts covered within this training, shortcuts that will literally shave and save you months of time and $1,000’s of dollars in your business.

There are many important junctures in your business, those moments that can truly make the difference between failure/mediocrity, or a long term and fruitful business. Jay is going to give you an actionable walk-through to ensure YOUR success in 2019 over this 5 week series of live classes.

Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to NEW Releases at Wealthy Affiliate

We have A LOT of slated roll outs in 2019, in fact our busiest one we have ever had. We are going to be offering early beta access to some of these platforms prior to launching. As a Black Friday member you are going to get an exclusive “insider” look into these platforms, before they are released. Exciting stuff ahead, we plan on reinventing the affiliate marketing industry once again in 2019 through significant platform releases and updates within WA.

So I hope I have helped you appreciate the overall landscape online in the year ahead, not just here within WA, but the growing opportunity of the internet. It continues to grow, it continues to get more exciting, and the proficiency in which you can create and grow an online business is going to continue to improve with the technology here at WA.

If you have any questions about the Black Friday event at Wealthy Affiliate please leave a comment below.

2019, Your Year ( Trevor’s Hopes For You )

Let 2019 be your year to live life on your own terms. Be your own boss. The education provided here is affordable and priceless at the same time. I am going to include this picture again because it defines my last job.

The BossIt is better to work hard for a short time (depending on your commitment and effort ) and build a business that works for you 24/7 than to work for 40 years at a job that leaves you with a weak pension. Please follow this link to my previous post for a description of Wealthy Affiliate.



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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy AffiliateThe point of today’s post is to help prospective members get acquainted with the aspects of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. This is not a review that compares Wealthy Affiliate to other programs. I believe that the Wealthy Affilite Program is standalone complete training system. This is a training platform that prepares you to build a home based that will lead you to financial empowerment and an independent life style.


Wealth Affiliate Training

To begin it should be noted that Wealthy Affiliate is an educational website that is a campus, a community and a complete one stop shop for affiliate marketing training.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university where students learn every aspect of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you pick a niche, market, hobby or anything that interests you and then build a website. Through the training you are taught how to monetize it and produce an income. An affiliate is someone who acts as intermediary between a business and people who are willing to purchase your product. The products and services are endless. There are about 4 billion people on the internet and you are taught how to sell to this population.

You could build a website to promote Amazon, Walmart or thousands of other companies that want you to help them move products. You can even promote your own goods and services. This allows you to work from anywhere and at your own convenience.

Wealthy Affiliate

What You Get

Probably the best thing about this training platform is that you get exactly what is advertised. The seven-day free trial is exactly that. Then the first month of premium membership is $19.00 USD so you can see all the advantages of joining. The next step if you decide to continue is to sign up for a yearly membership or take it one month at a time for $47.00/month USD or the regular price of $359.00/year USD. Soon there be a Black Friday sale November 23 – November 26, 2018, for $299.00 a year in USD.


It should be noted that there are no Upsells or pressure to continue. This is an important detail unlike some institutions that get you in and then you can only proceed with additional purchases. If you continue there will be some additional costs such as domains, themes or an additional Jaaxy subscription if you desire(Jaaxy is a key word research tool that is provided to students on course). These purchases are not mandatory. These things are just part of doing business.


When You Join

Joining Wealthy Affiliate means you are committing to building a business. To help you build this business. Wealthy Affiliate has set up course material to train you in the art of affiliate marketing. There are two separate courses and the Certification Course is the place to start.

With the course material there are hours of class room materials for you to review at your own pace. The whole training system is designed to be completed in your own time frame. Please follow this link to The Key To Your Financial Freedom for more information.

You are not alone on this journey as the are hundreds of course mates to connect with in the live chat. Course members from around of the world, some with extensive computer and marketing background are there for you to converse with.

Every Friday there is a Live Webinar for you to take part in and they are never a disappointment. All webinar are recorded and are available for re watching at any time.

Skills Required

There is no educational requirement necessary in order to enroll on course. You of course need a computer and internet access. You do not need coding or a web design background in order to build a world-class website. The course material and classrooms cover everything you need to put your business out to the world. For technical issues there is a 24/7 SiteSupport team that provides quick and top-notch service. For those of us that are confused by some jargon and technical terms it is necessary to follow the course materials, ask questions and use the classrooms and your questions will be answered.

Will You Make Money

The BossThe point of affiliate marketing is to make money and have a life style that removes you from the 9 – 5 life that many endure. The ability to create an income that is greater that working for someone else is certainly there, however this will not happen without your input. The road to financial empowerment will not be straight and smooth therefore you must do the training and apply it. As with any business venture there is a learning curve and it is up to you to make it happen.

Who Is This For

After enrolling in the Premium Membership you will see course members are from around the world and come from every walk of life. From High School students to working people to retirement individuals the course is set up for everyone.

I think that the sooner you start the better. Tomorrow is just one day later. If you are in high school this would be a perfect opportunity to build a business without the stress of supporting yourself. Imagine creating enough income to pay for university or even providing yourself with a full time income.

Should you still be working this is a good sideline while you still have an income and maybe create an income so you can quit your job. Retirement plans from an employee contribution program can leave you short and a second income could make for a better retirement.

Other things to consider with this training is that you can create a website to promote your own goods or service. Other course members have created and manage websites for others.

Set A Goal

It is time to decide to take charge of your future. Take some time and give the 7-day free trial a try. From there your road to financial empowerment is in your hands. As I mentioned above this task of building a business is not quick or necessarily easy. There will be some frustrations and some accomplishments. Rome was not built in a day and money will not pour out of your computer until you get busy and start working. It is no different than going to university for four years and coming out with no job and huge student debt. Nothing happens until you apply yourself.


Here at The Wealthy Citizen my job is to bring to you opportunities to financially empower yourself. I feel it is necessary to be able to make things happen rather than take orders from others. People listen to those that can make change and have an influence. While being an employee has it rewards you will always be limited by others. Wealthy Affiliate can make that happen if you work at it.

If you have any questions or would like to comment please do so at the bottom .

All the Best


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What Do You Want To Do With Your Life

The Thinker

The question of What do you want to do with your LIFE is a topic that comes into every ones mind occasionally. It is a good question and should be reviewed as we get older. Everyone’s priorities evolve as we gain more life experience. I hope this story gives someone a different view on life and provides some options that were not obvious before.

This Is A True Story

Play StationI know this young man personally. This story could fit anyone, but I am going to focus on this person. This young man is single, smart and capable. He is very computer-literate and excelled in computer training at school. He can build computers as well as diagnose and fix complicated IT problems. This well-behaved young man successfully completed trade school, however could not find employment in his chosen field.

He is currently employed in a barely above minimum wage job. His employers like him and are trying to find a way to keep him from leaving. His potential exceeds what he is doing. Spare time is spent socializing and taking part in air soft activities.

My Observations

Affiliate- MarketerThis young man spends hour upon hour online gaming. While there is nothing wrong with that, plus he is really good at it as he is with most things, there is no income in it.

This individual has FREE and COMPLETE access to Wealthy Affiliate and with all his skills and knowledge will not or is not motivated to find a NICHE market in his arena of interests and make passive income. He is young enough to overcome the hurdles of Affiliate Marketing without pressure.

If you are going to sit in a chair for hours using a computer anyway, why not try to make a living at it.

What To Do

Regardless of your age if you work hard for a few years building a business then you can spend the rest of your life doing what you want. I don’t think we have to live and accept a job that delivers low satisfaction for forty years so we can retire to a poor pension. It is easy when you are young with a little of money just to enjoy life. When life gives you more responsibilities and it surprises you, it is hard to catch up.

The Answer

Wealthy Affiliate

The answer is Wealthy Affiliate. I have not found anything yet that for the 98 cents a day it costs to participate that can give you the opportunities that Wealthy Affiliate provides you. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete training platform plus academic community that provides all the training and information you need to become successful at Affiliate Marketing.

What does it cost to online game. Buying games, plus the hardware, headsets, good chairs? It is easily less than the cost of learning how to do Affiliate Marketing. I personally have nothing against gaming. This example is a cost comparison and the what it would cost you to start a business, a business that could produce revenue that would more than a person could make as an employee.

The Boss

It is necessary to seize the day and take charge of your own life. Our educational system does not prepare us to be self-sufficient entrepreneurs. We are taught to complete high school, then proceed to some post secondary education while racking up thousands of dollars of debt in student loans.

Try it Out

The starting point for this course is the Seven-Day-Free Trial. In this trial session you will get to build two free websites and get your feet wet in affiliate marketing. Following this there is the decision to go for the premium membership. There is a one-month Premium Membership available for $19.00 so you can further explore this business. Subsequent months are $47.00/month, however the best price is the $359.00/year or 98 cents a day for world-class training. I would recommend that you follow this link to my “The Key To Your Financial Freedom “page for more complete information.

The Training

Wealthy Affiliate

The training process has a four step process with step by step instruction for you to begin building your own business. The carefully prepared lesson plans need to be followed in order for you to succeed. It is not necessary to have any previous experience in order to participate. You need a computer and the desire to succeed.

It is necessary for you remember that you are building your own business. This takes time and there is not a quick rich button available here. Course members have build very successful web based businesses and you can too.

I have stated this in other posts that you are not alone. Wealthy Affiliate is a community as much as it is a training platform. There are currently 1,400,000 student from 193 countries that you can talk to and ask questions.

Membership consists of everyone and anyone from high school students to retired professionals. There are working folks that are trying to supplement their income to retired people boosting their pensions.

In Closing

I tell the young man in my story that you can plan your days or you can have someone plan them for you. It is crazy that someone will tell you that 2 – 5 years in business is a long time to get rich, but they don’t feel that 40 years at a job is a long time to stay broke. Financial Empowerment is the ability to live how you want, when you want and be able to make decisions that can benefit everyone.

Click on the banner below to get started. It won’t cost you anything. There will be no pressure and there are no Upsells. You deserve financial freedom.


That’s my story for today. Please comment or ask a question below. Have a wonderful day.


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Best Work From Home Careers – 2018


Everyone’s intention is to be debt free and have financial freedom. This is hard to accomplish working for someone else. The question is how do we achieve Financial Empowerment. The answer is to work for your self. So what is the best work from home career for you this year?

Your Options

With so any options available on the internet it is necessary to narrow the choices available to you. Probably like most people looking for passive income you probably don’t have a large amount of disposable income to start a business.

An issue that has to be considered is that when doing your due diligence on any web based work from home business is the hidden costs or Upsells that might be a surprise after you sign up. Some companies will have you sign up for $49.00, but to complete the whole course will cost you $12,000.00. Be careful.

I believe that a home business has to fit your lifestyle and available time. It should be noted that when you are building a business the project must be taken seriously and be approached as a business. You will no longer be an employee, you are the boss. Think like a boss.

The Best Option

Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best options I have found for making money online is to participate in Affiliate Marketing. This is best done by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This a training platform where you can transform your ideas into profits.

Through a four step process and a close application of the training you can build a business that will provide you with an income while you sleep. That is the key to Financial Empowerment.

Wealthy Affiliate

98 Cents a Day

98 Cents a Day

What can you do for 98 cents a day? We have all spent money on nickel and dime products. There is nothing wrong with that. The neat thing is that for 98 cents a day you can build a business. You can build a business that requires no inventory, buildings or staff. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. Members of Wealthy Affiliate have produced Blogs that produce thousands of dollars a month.

There is a catch to this that can not be denied. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not a few key board strokes and the money will pour out of the back of the computer. It is a business that takes time build and it takes time to build a customer base and loyalty. Success depends on your dedication and application of the training.

What You Get For 98 Cents A Day

For starters there is a complete training platform. The online certification course has 50 lessons and the Affiliate Bootcamp has 70 lessons. Along with the lessons there is weekly live training plus an extensive class room training that is available to you.

It is now possible to build a website in minutes. There are free themes available with 3000 premium themes available for you to build world-class websites. There are domains available for purchase and with complete site protection and 24/7 site support. Premium members can host up to 50 websites. There are over 50,000 feature extensions (plug ins ) that are available to you for free.

Creating content for your website is a big part of building your business. With Wealthy Affiliate it is possible with the SiteContent feature to create, organize and publish your content. With the many features such as the SiteContent Grammar, SiteContent Images, automatic image compression technology, and the internal plagiarism checker this is a service that will make writing content easy.

Industry Standard Keyword Platform

JaaxyWith every Premium Membership you will have access to the Jaaxy keyword, Niche and website research tool. Jaaxy is an indispensable tool in researching your keywords for good SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). This allows you to position yourself properly in the search engines for rankings which allows people to find your website easily.


You Are Not Alone

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a training platform, it is a community. With in this community you will be able to mingle with course members from all over the world. There are currently 1,400,000 student from 193 countries that you can talk to and ask questions. There are currently 3 focus groups in progress plus a 24/7 live chat that are focused on affiliate marketing and willing to help you succeed. For more information I would suggest you go to my The Key to Your Financial Freedom page for more information.

In Review

There is not a better deal on the internet than 98 cents a day to build a web based passive income stream. Stop being an employee and become the boss. Financial Empowerment starts with a dream and a decision.

If your are undecided give the 7-day free trial a test drive. It does not have all the privileges of the Premium membership. The Key to Your Financial Freedom page describes in detail what is available to you. After the free trial the is a bonus of trying the first month of Premium Membership for $19.00. There is no obligation to continue if you find this business is not for you.

Should you decide to enroll for the yearly Premium Membership for $359.00 you will find a great community to grow with and there will be no other Upsells. There are some incidental costs such as Domains or some themes, but these are not necessary.

Click on the Banner Below to get started.


That’s my story for today. Please leave a comment or ask a question and I will get back to you.


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Passive Income Ideas – 2018

Build a Business

Passive Income Ideas

Passive income is the ability to build an online business that utilizes automated processes around the clock to allow you to capture income while you sleep. Passive income is a necessary factor in securing your financial empowerment.

Passive income can take on many forms and one of the easiest is to develop a savings program and learn how to invest your saved income. The best time to start that is as soon as you start working. It is best if a person could put 10 to 15 % a month of your net income away into a retirement fund. If actually is difficult for you to save be sure to utilize your company retirement fund. You will find you don’t miss the extra spending money and when invested properly it will grow into a nice sum in a few years. Personal debt reduction is necessary if you are looking for money to invest. Follow this link to my post on Personal Debt Reduction.

The Financial Adviser

Financial Advisor
Bull and Bear

There are two roads to take when considering a financial adviser. The first is to hire someone to look after your retirement fund. This will cost you in management fees, but if you don’t want to spend the time managing your own account this is an option. Choose your adviser wisely and ask lots of questions such as what training do you have, how much do you charge, who will be working with me, who regulates you, do I get monthly reports, how do I withdraw funds? Do not be afraid to shop around.

The second step is to learn to be your own financial adviser. This takes study and good decision-making. There are lots of online resources available to begin your education in retirement planning. Most banks have online investing and brokerages to get you going on your wealth building journey along with options with what ever investing chicle you chose such as stocks, mutual funds or commodities. Some people have had good success with this approach. It is an option that is not for every one.

Find Something To Sell

Affiliate Markerter

Finding something to sell as passive income requires a product to move and a medium to move it. Finding something to sell can start with your passions or skills. Do you have a thought that the world needs to know about or some specific training that the word needs?

Passive income comes from the idea that you can set up shop from home and work in your spare time until the moment comes when you can quit your job and live off your passive income. The internet has 4 billion daily users and utilizing websites and internet marketing it is possible to create income that a person would find hard when working as an employee.

I really believe that the sooner a person get thinking about passive income the better positioned you will be when some unforeseen event causes you to leave your job. Imagine if you started in high school discovering and finding your niche market. It would be possible to go to university and not have to worry about student loans.

Perhaps you are employed in a job you don,t enjoy. Finding your niche market and getting your passive income started would relieve you from the paycheck to paycheck rut. Don’t find yourself learning to live with a job you dislike just for the salary.

Internet Marketing

Internet affiliate marketing and building a home business is a task that takes time to establish. There is no Easy Button and there is not a money slot in the side of your computer where cash flows out. The best part of a home business is that you do not need a building, inventory or staff.

To start Internet Marketing and begin creating your passive income a person needs training and an education where you can focus on building a business rather than pulling a bunch of resources together and trying to piece it all together.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes to you with a one stop shop where you can build websites and get trained on how to build a web base business for less than a dollar a day.

Wealthy Affiliate helped over 217,000 student get started with their online business last year. Wealthy Affiliate is more than a training platform, it is a community of over 800,000 students from 195 countries that you can network with any hour of the day or night.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

The four step process of building a passive income is straight forward demonstrated by the graphic shown below.

When a person signs up for the Wealthy Affiliate training program you begin by

Wealthy Affiliate


Picking An Interest

This is the process where you decide what you can give to the world. What interests you? A review of your passions or talents and you will have something to sell. If you just want to sell something there are affiliate programs to join. If you want to pick something special just try Googling any product or service + affiliate and you will find something to sell. Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through the process.

Build A Website

This is easily done in the SiteRubix platform. Think of your website as your storefront. The training guides you to a build world-class websites. You also get view hundreds of student websites and ask questions with students from all over the world in the live chat feature. There are 3000 plus themes to choose from. Some of these are free and there are themes for purchase.

Attract Visitors


After your website is populated and set up as you like the next step is to attract visitors (customers) to your site. You will be instructed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This involves picking the proper keywords so that search engines can direct visitors to your site. The Jaaxy SEO tool is included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership. From there your job is write interesting and informative content. This will build your reputation in your chosen nice and become a subject matter expert.

Earn Revenue

Once you have traffic coming to your site you can earn revenue from your site from joining affiliate programs such as Amazon. There are over 100,000 affiliate programs to join giving you unlimited choices in finding ways to monetize your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the techniques necessary to build your website and start producing passive income.

There is no end to the passive income ideas. It is important to get your finances in order and reduce your debt load. From there build your own business. The best time is to start NOW and Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for you to build your own business. For less than a dollar a day you will be a member of a world-class training platform with all the benefits. There are no Upsells. The training is presented to you with no hidden or extra things to buy. There are some incidental purchases, but they are not necessary.

Click on the banner below to try the Seven-Day Free Trial.


That’s my story for today. Work hard for a few years so that you can spend most of your life living on your own terms. Stop being an employee and think like a boss. Follow this link to my ” The Key To Your Financial Freedom” page  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


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Build A Home Business


Building a home business can be an exciting adventure. In my last post we talked about the tools required to work with Wealthy Affiliate to build your own on line Affiliate Marketing business. I have stated many times that building a home business is necessary to get out of the paycheck to paycheck rut.

Many home based businesses are expensive to get into and require time and dedication to succeed. In my past I tried commodity trading. I loved the concept of this business, however between a flying job and the fast paced action of the markets I could not keep up and decided to focus on flying exclusively.

In the 1990,s a $5000.00 margin account had a life span of 90 days before the newbie trader was broke. That did not include a computer and the training. For the right person this is a fabulous occupation. All the training courses at the time would promote the unlimited earning potential of that trading from home business. It is not for everybody.

The Cost Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

In comparison the cost of Wealthy Affiliate is virtually nothing when a person signs up for the Premium membership. The cost of less than a dollar a day or $359.00/year for an all-inclusive world-class training platform can not be beat. We all have spent money on things of no return and that’s OK. It just puts the cost of Wealthy Affiliate in perspective. The earning potential of Affiliate marketing is limited only by your own ambition and like building any business there is a time and input requirement. There is no EASY button, however you can achieve the earning potential of any business with a building, inventory and staff all from the comfort of your own home.

Being Tech Savvy

To be an effective Affiliate Marketer it is not necessary to be IT or a computer technician. The training is very complete and the Site Website manager, builder is user-friendly and the Site Content is designed to help you produce the necessary content for your website.

Building A Website

Building a website within Wealthy Affiliate is quick and easy. There are 3000 themes to choose from to support any niche market you can think of. There are free themes and there are themes for purchase. The website manager /Wordpress allows you format your theme with all the options necessary to produce a professional looking website.

Affiliate- Marketer

The Website builder allows you to use the free domains available from Wealthy Affiliate or you have the ability to purchase and host up to 50 domains. It is even possible to transfer your current domain to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

At Wealthy Affiliate websites are monitored 24/7 and are backed up daily so that you can spend more time working on your business.

Follow this link to my Key To Financial freedom page for more information.

Writing Content


The Site Content has a sophisticated template and writing feature has a spell check, grammar check as well as a search for original content. There are thousands of free images to chose from to enhance you content writing.

Once you have your niche picked and your website theme populated and organized it will be time to write content for your proposed market. When you niche is your passion it is easy to write content. If you can write a letter or produce a report for your current job you can write content.



With in the training you be introduced to various of marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and enrolling in various affiliate programs.


Site Support

Wealthy Affiliate provides 24/7 site security and support as well as daily backups. The Site Support staff will quickly fix any technical issue you might encounter.

Within Wealthy affiliate you are not studying alone. The courses are well laid out and there is an extensive training library on significant topics. You have the ability to live chat with students from all over the globe with members from 195 countries along with one on one counseling with the founders. Some course members are very experienced and have produced quality training.

I recommend following this link to read The Key To Your Financial Freedom.

In Closing

The road to Financial Empowerment is within every ones grasp. Financial freedom requires that a student who enrolls in Wealth Affiliate commit themselves to the task of becoming wealthy. Regardless of where you are in your life, youth or senior, employed or stay at home if you have the desire WealthyAffiliate has the tools for you to succeed.

There is no better value for dollar than enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate. The Seven-Day Free Trial will give you a look into your future. The first month of Premium can be purchased for $19.00 so that you can experience Premium privileges.

What I want to see is that everyone who enrolls into the Wealthy Affiliate program succeed so that you can live life on your own terms. Be your own boss and having an income that allows you to achieve your dreams and desires.

If you have read everything to this point why not give it a try.

Click on the banner below to get started. No credit card required.


That’s my story for today. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please do so below.

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Be Successful Affiliate Marketing

Business Path


To be successful in the home based business of Affiliate Marketing there are several factors that have to be in place.

The factors are :

1) The Tool needed

2) The Market you choose

3) Perseverance

We must remember that Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You sell their products with a website you create and in turn earn commissions. On your website you will write content that is informative, educational and interesting enough to build a following. This is not as difficult as some people imagine and actually becomes easier as you become personally invested in your business.

The Tools

To be successful in this industry a person needs the resources required to get on with business without having to spread yourself all over the internet pulling together the web hosting, training, website builders, security, keyword research tools, and not to mention the technical support required if you are new to the business or have limited computer experience.

Wealthy Affiliate

All these tools and more are available to any Premium Member of the Wealthy Affiliate University. This training institution gives anyone who has an interest in Affiliate Marketing the ability to focus on getting a business going without having to worry about pulling all the resources together from outside sources.

There is no better value for dollar than the Wealthy Affiliate marketing course. The chart below lists the regular monthly cost of $49.00/ month. The best price is $359.00/year. This works out to 98 cents/day for world-class training. If a person wants to give Affiliate Marketing a tryout there is a Seven-Day Free Trial that does not require and money up front. The first month can be purchased for $19.00 for a more in depth investigation. Another bonus is that there no Upsells after you enroll. What you see is what you get. For more information please follow this link to The Key To Your Financial Freedom page.

When you enroll as a student you are not only studying the course material you will get to query a global student cadre for advice and support. The student enrollment comes from every walk of life, every age and experience level. While the course material is very complete the discussions coming from the 24/7 live chat are very interesting and helpful. There is a large library of training material plus live webinars every Friday.



Hosting Graph

The Market You Choose

The choosing of a product and/or niche does not have to be hard. It is entirely possible that the first market and website you build will not be your only website. My first website is about Cat Care. It is an education and a learning platform. It is an Amazon Affiliate website combined with my educational content. Follow this link to Cat Care for a look. Many students have more than one website.

The market you choose to promote will be and should be something that is of interest or a passion of yours. This makes the writing of content easier and natural. As you write content for your audience you will become and expert and with that build a following with what ever product you choose to market. Some students have built a website based on a single product and have produced a very profitable business. Follow this link to see the successful Foot Ball Snack Helmet website. The details of picking a niche market is covered in the training.

Affiliate MarketerThe fabulous part of this business is that you can work from the comfort of where ever you are. You can travel and if you have an internet connection you can do your business. Imagine no boss other than you. Your internet business has the capabilities of producing as much income as any street business and you don’t need a building, staff or inventory.

Your Market is the 4 Billion internet users that are your potential customers.


In the art of Affiliate Marketing it is important to realize that you are building a business. This does not happen overnight much the same as any post secondary education does not produce instant results. Doing the lessons in order and applying the training is necessary.

It is also necessary to persevere over any of the stumbling blocks that a person encounters. Its is different for everyone and everyone has some obstacle to overcome. I am sure that everybody reading this has had some difficulty in life to push through. The fact that Wealthy Affiliate has every thing you need without outsourcing you can focus on the training and building a business.

I have stated in other posts that the key to your Financial Empowerment is to get out debt with an effective debt reduction plan and then stay out of debt. Next it is necessary to supplement your income or start a business of you own so that you can live life on you own terms. Living from paycheck to paycheck can be stressful and I don’t think we are supposed to live under financial stress all the time. Wealthy Affiliate can be your step to Financial Empowerment. Work hard and be successful Affiliate Marketing.

When you enroll make a commitment to complete the training.

If you have read this far it is TIME to

sign up for the Seven-Day Free Trial. There is no credit card required.

Please click on the banner below and get started today.


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Tired of Living PayCheck to Paycheck

Balance the Budget

Statistically speaking there is a significant number of people in the workforce today living from paycheck to paycheck. Even people with big incomes find themselves in this position. Coming to the end of the paycheck before the end of the month is not fun and when emergencies pop up it can be devastating.

Relief from the stress of living paycheck to paycheck is possible with some planning and effort. In my post Personal Debt Reduction I listed some ways to live within your means and give yourself the step up to rid yourself of debt and get on the road to Financial Empowerment.

Start Your Own Business

Wealthy AffiliateWhen a person has their finances under control and you still have a paycheck this is the time to start a business. The business I am going to promote is affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate.

This business is perfect for someone who needs to be at home with the possibilities to produce as much income as your current job or more. Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You sell their products with a website you create and in turn earn commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training environment that provides everyone who enrolls with the tools necessary to succeed in an online web based business. The Wealthy Affiliate University is a one stop shop with everything you need under one banner. A person does not have to go anywhere else to complete their business.

JaaxyWealthy Affiliate is within every ones financial reach. The yearly tuition is $359.00/year. This is less than a dollar a day for world-class education. The Seven-Day Free Trial allows you to see what is involved. If you are not convinced then the first month of premium membership is $19.00. There is nothing else to buy in order to complete the course. Follow this link to my Key To Financial Freedom page for more information. There will be some incidental purchases such as Domains. After you have complete your two free websites under the SiteRubix domain you will probably want to purchase a . Com,. Net or. Org domain. These are generally around $15.00/year. The school provided Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool called Jaaxy tool has two subscription services available to students.

After enrollment, you will notice that there will be no Upsells required to complete the course. Be careful as you do your due diligence and watch for this easy to over look point. Some companies will make big promises so you purchase their very expensive add on products.

What Is Required Of You

When a person enrolls at Wealthy Affiliate your personal responsibility will be to follow the lessons in the order they are given. It can be done at your own pace and convenience. There is no Easy Button. The desired result is to have a money making website and that is not done without your own effort and input. All business need to be grown and it is no different with this enterprise.

Desk top

The difference with an online marketing and a brick and mortar business is that there is no necessity for a building, a large inventory or staff. You will be working from you home and be able to look after your home life without having to consider a second out of the house job. Imagine having a business from your home computer and your wife not having to take on a job to make ends meet.

What You Don’t Have To Do

Enrollment at Wealthy Affiliate University means that you to DO NOT have to –

Hard sell to your friends or family

Organize meeting to promote membership or products.

Spend your days on the phone making cold calls to strangers.

Your market is the 4 billion daily internet users that are in the need for your product or advice. After your website is up and running your daily task will be producing useful and informative content that inspires and motivates people to support your business.

The business of marketing is covered in the Certifcation Course consisting 50 lessons devoted to making your website a success.

Another aspect and benefit of enrollment is that you are not alone in the training. Every student has direct access to the schools founders plus a 24/7 ability to network with any of the global students for opinions and advice. Some students are very experienced in the affiliate marketing trade and are willing to share their professional advice. There is also a 24/7 Site Support to assist with all your IT or web based technical issues.

Wealthy Affiliate education has set people on other paths too. For instance some have done Local SEO where they produce and maintain websites for others and help local businesses improve their presence on the internet. There is the possibility to promote your own product or service.

Are You Tired OF Living Paycheck to Paycheck

When you have set yourself on the road to Financial Empowerment through effective debt reduction the next step to get out of the paycheck to paycheck rut is to start your own business. There is no better opportunity right now than to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Last year Wealthy Affiliate helped over 200,000 students get their start in affiliate marketing and have been in business since 2005. Remember Financial Empowerment means living life on your own terms at your own pace and convenience.

I would rather work sixteen hours a day for my self than work eight hours a day for someone else.

Click on the banner below to get your Seven Day Free Trial started.


If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below. As a Wealthy Affiliate student I am committed to helping you succeed in the business of Affiliate Marketing.



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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools


In the personal quest for financial independence there is always the question, How do I do this? If you have decided to try the work from home business of Affiliate Marketing there are several tools required to make this business venture come to reality.

Financial Empowerment is achievable with the proper motivation and the resources required to achieve your dreams. It is always better to start this business before it’s a necessity. Let’s begin with the tools required to make affiliate marketing a reality.


Without desire what is the purpose of going through all the work of building a business. It is time-consuming and maybe just wasting your time. If you are happy where you are with your regular job and programmed schedule it might be best to stay where you are.

If it is your desire to work for your self and live life own your own terms then Affiliate Marketing might be for you.

Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You sell their products with a website you create and in turn earn commissions.

Affiliate MarkerterWhat inspires you. This could be your niche that you could build a business on. Perhaps you just want to sell something that just sells. This can be done as well. Do you have your own product or an idea the world needs? There are 4 billion people on the internet every day looking for something to buy.

Desire is the first step to your Financial Empowerment.

Build a Website

Wealthy AffiliateThis step used to be complicated. Now with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate you can build a website and have it on the web in minutes. The SiteRubix platform allows anyone regardless of experience to build a website. After your website is set up you fill it with content that you write and influence your targeted market.

The SiteRubix platform has a Site Manager function which is where you administrate your website. There is a Site Builder function where you actually build your website and pick your themes. The are 3000 plus Themes to chose from, some are free and there are Themes to purchase. There is a Site Content feature where you build your content with a spell and grammar check plus a full picture gallery to enhance your website. There Is a 24/7 Site Support that is available to you. This means you do not have to worry about the maintenance and security of your site. There are daily back-ups to ensure your website never disappears.

The SiteSupport staff are available around the clock to help with your technical issues. There is a 24/7 live chat where you can connect with a global student enrollment.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a website building platform. It is an educational institution and a community with students from all over the world. It has students ranging from high school students to individuals from every walk of life and every age.



The Wealthy Affiliate training guides you though the process of marketing your website content. One of the tools available to you is the Jaaxy SEO tool.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This process utilizes the Jaaxy tool to search for the keywords necessary to help search engines find you and get your message to the world. Search engine optimization is about ranking higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

JaaxyJaaxy is a free tool offered to Wealthy Affiliate students as well as a subscription upgrade that is available to everyone.

Click on the Jaaxy Banner for a free trial.

Other methods that are taught are Social Media marketing and E-mail campaigns.


Affiliate Marketing is a business building project. Building a business takes time and as with any education it takes time to process and implement. Much like any post secondary education a person completes their education and then puts it to work over a lifetime.

You’re earning potential is directly related to your input. If you don’t do the training and act on it there is not going to be any results.

The best part about being your own boss is the ability to produce income from where you are right now. It is not necessary to have an office to commute to, staff or inventory. What is necessary is a computer, an internet connection and time to devote to your own business.

It is entirely possible to produce an income comparable to a brick and mortar store (or better ) with virtually no infrastructure.


Desire – find a niche or passion, build on it and create a business

Build a Website – This gets you out to the word of Billions of potential customers.

Market- Learn marketing and attract customers to your website.

Earn – Affiliate Marketers are building a business to create an income. Everyone has the opportunity to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the key to your financial empowerment and provides you with the TOOLS required to make your business a reality. If you are still in high school are at an agreeable job now is the time to start. If you have been displaced due to layoffs or downsizing there is no better opportunity than starting your own business today. The ability to work at your own pace and convenience allows you to fit the training into your lifestyle.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable. There is a Seven-Day Free trial to allow you to get a feeling of what affiliate marketing is all about. There is a reduced rate on the first month of premium membership for $19.00. Regular monthly fees are $47.00. The best price is the $359.00/year subscription for a full Premium membership. Please refer to the chart below for the membership privileges. If you require more information follow this link to my page ” The Key To Your Financial Freedom

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

If you have read this far click on the banner below to start your FREE TRIAL and begin you path to Financial Empowerment.




I would rather work 16 hours a day for myself than 8 hours a day for someone else.


In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: Any/all of the links wealthycitizen.com are Affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. Please click this link for the full Affiliate Disclosure















Earn Money Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate MarkerterSo you want to be an Affiliate marketer. Is it possible to work from home and create income. Today’s post will describe what is required to become an Affiliate Marketer.

First Step

The first step in any new business venture is to have a desire for change and have the determination to see the process through. It is important to understand from the beginning that you will be starting a business. Building and growing a business takes time and there is no quick method to achieving a profitable venture. Your financial empowerment starts with YOU.

Second Step

Wealthy Affiliate

It is necessary to be trained in the business of Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the necessary element in this step so that a person can be properly trained in the business of Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that provides you with the tools necessary to succeed in an online business. Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You sell their products with a website you create and in turn earn commissions.

The place to start is the Seven-day Free Trial. This allows a candidate to experience the first exposure to Affiliate Marketing. This would be a good time to review my previous post on Work At Home Scams.


The Four Step Process Of Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate

The First step is to choose an interest. This interest is something that you enjoy and is something you think the world needs. This could be your own product or one of the many products a person could promote that is available from an Affiliate Marketing Platform such as Rakuten, CJ Affiliate and ShareASale. Another concept is to pick a product from Amazon and promote a single product. Another method of finding an interest is to go to Google and type in any product plus Affiliate. For example type in watches + Affiliate and review the available Affiliate choices.

The second step is to build a website. This is covered in the Seven-Day Free trial. This step is exciting as you find a theme to promote your website. Themes are changeable so if you find something more appropriate it’s possible to change.

The third step is to attract visitors to your website. This is where you develop the skills of content writing and the use of Key Word Search Tools to attract a segment of the four billion internet users and potential customers to your website. The Premium Membership will teach you how to use Search Engine Optimization or SEO plus various social methods of marketing so you can build a reader following.

The last step is to earn Revenue. Generation of the revenue you earn is proportional to your input and personal dedication. When you want a supplemental income or if you want a full time income that is one of the goals you will set for your self.

The student enrollment at Wealthy Affiliate is a global cadre with 800,000 students from 195 countries. There is 24/7 technical support as well as round the clock support from students around the world. Wealthy Affiliate has attracted students from all walks of life and from every age including high school students to retired individuals.

As mentioned there is a Seven-Day Free Trial. When you are still unsure of what is involved there is a Bonus Offer of a $19.00 for first month of premium membership. The best pricing feature is the $359.00/year subscription. Some students have been enrolled since the beginning of Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate is your one stop shop for getting your Affiliate Marketing career started. Follow this link to my The Key To Your Financial Freedom page for more information.

When you want to be in control of your Financial Empowerment Wealthy Affiliate is the key to getting started in Affiliate Marketing.

Please click on the banner below to start you Seven-Day Free Trial.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: Any/all of the links wealthycitizen.com are Affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items. Please click this link for the full Affiliate Disclosure