Work At Home Scams

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Those of us who go to work every day to be providers and work hard for our money do not like being scammed out our paycheck.  Let’s look at some ideas on how to protect yourself.  As we try to find ways to supplement our incomes we go to the internet to find work from home solutions. The internet is full of promises. It is upon you to think clearly and do your due diligence.

Work From Home Due Diligence

The BBB. Better Business Bureaus collect information on suspicious companies and scams. When you check be specific and ask a lot of questions.

In Canada the RCMP has resources available to help you check for fraud. Check with your local police service to see if they have a fraud tip line or website.

If a potential Work From Home site is more interested in personal information and credit card numbers instead of providing information on the job – RUN.

Always do an internet search for reviews. Check with social media or do a YouTube search.

Real doctors don’t have to keep telling you they are a real doctor. Real businesses don’t always have to continually reinforce that they are legitimate.

Doubt every thing until it is proved otherwise. Emotional sales pitches and long videos with no time progress bar are a good sign that they are working on your emotions to hopefully get your credit card number. Always check the”About Me” or contact pages to see if the contact information is usable.

You should not have to buy a job. Job training is usually provided by the employer. The employer should provide you with a pay scale, when and how you get paid.

Trust your instincts. I have a real story where this really paid off. I personally knew this gentleman that  was a travelling evangelist. One day I get a nice letter in the mail asking for funding to support his Gold mines in Africa. I did not participate and then years later I read a news story where he was telling his story of how all his dreams fell apart and probably a lot of investors cash.

Do not give personal information to anyone who is more interested in your contact information than giving you useful information.

Work From Home

The work from home solution I have for you is not about a job, but buying education so you can build your own business. There are no get-rich-quick programs or easy buttons to your Financial Empowerment. That’s why I want to present to you the following.

Wealthy Affiliate

Building a Business requires a personal dedication and time spent. What you get with Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what is presented to you when you review the website. There are no hidden features or costs. The Seven-Day Free Trial allows you to test the waters. Please click this link to go to my “The Key To Your Financial Empowerment” page for more complete information.

Wealthy Affiliate is world-class online training environment that will provide you with the skills to build an income generating website and participate in the world of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is where a person builds a website and the associates themselves with a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You then sell their product for commissions.

Here is an example of a Wealthy Affiliate Website This is an example of a Cat Care website that is an Amazon Affiliate.

The premise behind Wealthy Affiliate is that a person goes through a four step program of choosing an interest, building a website then attracting visitors and then earning revenue. It is not necessary to be computer-literate, however a rudimentary computer understanding helps.

Wealthy Affiliate

As you research and do your due diligence of the Wealthy Affiliate program you will find that the training and what is expected of you is given right from the beginning. There are no Upsells or hidden costs to be surprised with. The full Premium membership is $359.00/year or 98 cents a day for a quality educational program. There is 24/7 support both technical and tutorial advice. There is a global student cadre that you can talk to any time.

It is my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is good value for dollar and the profit potential is limited by your own determination.

Click on the banner below to start your Seven day free trial. If you are still undecided the first month of Premium membership can be purchased for $19.00, a saving when compared to the regular $47.00/Month.



Please leave a comment below. I am ready to answer any questions.
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Are You A Good Employee


A good employee is a valued member of any business team. An employer should realize that every employee should be recognized as a significant contributor to a successful business. What happens when through no fault of your own you are no longer considered a valued employee. Today’s post will help you prepare for that unfortunate time when your value as an employee is over.

The Wage Earner

As a wage earner we are limited in our earning capacity by the industry we are in. Make no mistake in thinking that I feel that being an employee is wrong. The world needs people to get the job done. No matter the industry there has to be someone who has facilitated some event to get a task completed.

I recently read an article that stated by 2030, 800 million jobs in the developed world will be lost due to automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. If this is true how many middle class people will find themselves pushed out the door.

That scenario should cause you to at least consider what would happen if you are laid off, replaced or completely dissatisfied by your work environment. I have seen where people leave their jobs not because of the work, but because of the employer/co-worker environment.

The Solution

Are you a happy employee? If so that is great. I mentioned in my previous post to be an active participant in your company’s benefit program. If you don’t have this capability be sure to start saving and contributing to a retirement plan.

The next step is and especially if you are still working for someone else is to start a business. I am strongly suggesting starting an internet business so that a person can incorporate business building into your regular routine.

Wealthy Affiliate

The business I am going to promote is Affiliate Marketing through Wealthy Affiliate. The reason I find this is a really good solution to creating additional income is that the cost of training is very affordable and online. The $359.00/ year tuition is within every ones reach and the training is outstanding.

Building a business while you are still working gives you the time to get it established and if something should happen that would require you to leave your employment, everything will be in place for you to continue as your own boss and living life on your own terms.

Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You sell their products with a website you create and in turn earn commissions. People engaged in this business have created enough income to become self-sufficient. As with any business it takes time and effort to become established. Some of my course members have broken the $10,000/month goal. This does not happen overnight and is entirely possible from becoming a Wealthy Affiliate course member.

Affiliate Marketing starts with a four step program as illustrated below.

Wealthy AffiliateChoose an Interest

This a step where you pick a topic of interest, a product or information that you think someone in the 4 billion daily internet users would be interested in. Then the market audience you capture will buy your product.

Build a Website

Through Wealthy Affiliate you will have a one stop shop for you to create a world-class website. Becoming a Premium member not only will you be taught how to build a website, you be taught how to market your website. As a Premium Member you will be able to look at hundreds of course member websites for inspiration and ideas.

Attract Visitors

The course material delivers training on how to market your website. From Google searches to using Social Media. There is an abundance of tutorials plus weekly live training designed to help you monetize your website.

Earn Revenue

The product of your hard work. An Affiliate Marketer earns revenue through commissions form whatever marketing venue you choose to use. There is no end to the available affiliate programs to get involved with such as Amazon, or Affiliate Networks such as Rakuten, CJ Affiliate and ShareASale. You could even promote your own product or idea.

As with any business there is a period of development and growth. This time period is determined by your own time commitment. Not withstanding that it is possible to build a business that you can pass down to the next generation.

If you are working, keep working and build your business. If you are retired and need additional income this is for you. This business is perfect for the stay at home mum or dad. Wealthy Affiliate has students from all over the world and from every walk of live, the high school student, middle class wage earners, doctors and lawyers plus internet professionals. Wealthy Affiliate is not only an educational university it is a campus with many resources available to all Premium Member students. Please follow this link to my page “Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom“.

The time to prepare for you next job is before you get desperate. Do not find your self saying “What Am I Going To Do Now”. I certainly don’t want to scare anyone. I don’t believe in scare tactics. Being prepared for your future is as necessary as having a spare tire or some savings when the washing machine breaks. It is always easier when you are not stressed.

Wealthy Affiliate

Getting involved Wealthy Affiliate begins with the Seven-Day Free Trial. This will give you an overview of what’s involved. If you are still undecided please take advantage of the first month of Premium Membership for $19.00. The best program is the $359.00 yearly membership. For the price of a cup of coffee a day you can participate in a World Class training system


Please click on the banner below to start your Free Trial.


That’s my advice for today. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. On my Cat Care website I say at this point, Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.

All the Best, Trevor

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Personal Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction Strategies


The road to Financial Empowerment begins with getting yourself out of debt and the finding a way to produce substantial income from your own business. Most wage earners are in debt and sometimes it seems like a bottomless pit. Let’s get out of the pit and live life on our own terms.

Are You Living Beyond Your Means

Getting into debt is easy. Getting out is hard. The thing is we don’t even have to be foolish with our money to get into debt. Buying a home, raising a family, student loans, getting a car are expenses that we are all faced with. The ease of credit makes buying easy. It would be nice if we were taught how to avoid debt in high school and we should be taught how to make money after school.

One year my wife and I decided we should see where our money goes. We tracked every cent we spent right down to the parking meters. It is interesting to see where your money goes. So it begins, where could we stop nickle and dime our self to death.

Don’t Lease your car. It’s nice to have a new car, but unless you have a business to write your lease off you are paying a premium for that vehicle. A one-year-old car will give you just as good a ride with a much smaller payment. If you can try to do as much maintenance yourself to avoid expensive garage fees.

Do you buy lunch every day? A week of buying lunch out will buy you lunch groceries for a month and you will probably eat better. Go to grocery stores with customer incentive programs. These programs will save you hundreds of dollars a month.

Don’t pay credit card interest rates. If possible pay your card off every month. If you have multiple cards with large payments go to a bank and get a consolidation loan and pay them off. Then you can work off the debt at a much lower interest rate.

Piggy Bank

I have mentioned in other posts that if you have a company pension plan be sure to contribute the max you can every month. It’s a forced savings plan and it is easy to get used to the deduction. Always participate in the company health plan as long as you are employed there.

Tax time might provide some special benefits to you. Consult a tax specialist where you live and you might have tax breaks you were not aware of such as tax-deductible contributions or home business breaks.

These points listed above might sound harsh, but sacrifices might have to be made. This does mean you have to live like a hermit but scaling back could be necessary. Keep a positive attitude, eat well, exercise and work towards a goal of debt reduction.

Start Your Own Business

The start of your own business sets you on the path for financial empowerment. I have realized that getting financially independent does not happen working for someone else. When you are participating in a debt reduction program this is an opportunity to research business ideas. On path to take is a Work at Home Business that you can start while you are still working.


The home business opportunity that I would like to present to you is Wealthy Affiliate. If you have read my other posts you will already know what I am talking about.

Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate is an online university and campus that provides students with the training and guidance necessary to participate in affiliate marketing. It is comprehensive well laid out program that is flexible enough to incorporate into your daily routine while you are still employed. Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You sell their products with a website you create and in turn earn commissions.


I don’t know of any other institution where a student gets so much for the price. A person can try a starter membership seven day free trial. There is a bonus of getting the first month of Premium Membership for $19.00. Every month after that is $47.00 or the best price is the $359.00/ year full premium membership. There are no Upsells and the only other purchases will be some subscription items which are not necessary and Domains which will be necessary as you build your website or sites. Please click on this link that takes you to my”Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Financial Freedom” page for more details

Affiliate MarketerI must tell you that affiliate marketing is a serious business. If you don’t work hard and apply the training it will not work. Any Post Secondary training requires effort to be successful. Income potential is entirely based on your own input and targeted market. There are 4 billion people on the internet and your job will be to sell to them.


An online business allows you to produce as much income as a brick and mortar business without the necessity to have staff, a building or inventory. There has never been a better time to start your own business .

Click on the Banner to Start

Getting into debt is easy, getting out requires a plan. Work at getting out of debt and then work on your financial future. Be a success story. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.



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What Is Financial Empowerment


Why would anyone want to pursue financial empowerment? Why not just work at your job and accept the results of someone else’s decisions. With a vast majority of people being dissatisfied with their current employment now is the time to pursue Financial Empowerment.

What Is Financial Empowerment

In the new Justice League movie Barry Allen asks Bruce Wayne – What’s your super power? Bruce says I am ” Rich”. Being rich gives Bruce Wayne unlimited opportunities. That’s the fantasy part.

In reality Financial Empowerment allows you to live life on your own terms. Financial Empowerment is the ability define your days, help those around you and live your retirement without stress. These terms are defined by you and are product of your own efforts. In reality achieving the financial freedom you might want is not easy or quick. There are no get-rich-quick programs. Usually anything worthwhile takes time. Any post secondary education takes time, money and effort to complete and gives you the opportunity for employment.

Where To Start

Piggy Bank


The place to start your Financial Empowerment is where you are sitting right now. Let’s begin.

First : Are you are living with in your means? This means don’t overspend and stay away from credit.

Second : Are you participating in your company retirement plan? It is a good habit to develop a way to save money from your current income. Try saving 10- 15% from every paycheck.

Third : Learn how to invest. This task can be as big as you want it to be. Some people learn the ropes and trade stocks and commodities and trade as well as a broker. This takes a great deal of study and requires a margin account to be a player. This is a popular idea and is not for every one.

For the average wage earner another option to investing is to find a reputable financial/retirement adviser and make regular paycheck contributions. Its best to start when you are young, but if you are not young start now.

Fourth : Learn how to reduce your taxes. If you are going to pay income tax reduce that amount by making charitable contributions. There are lots of credible charities to chose from, be sure they give you a usable tax receipt that your countries tax system will acknowledge.

Fifth : Start a business. This will give you tax breaks and allow you to pursue your entrepreneurial desires. The type of business to start begins with what you are passionate about. Starting a brick and mortar business requires financing and a good plan. Are you ready to leave your job and pursue your dream full time?

Work From Home

This is a great idea that you can work on when you are not ready to quit your job, or you are still at school. Your hours are flexible and can be fit into your daily routine.

We here at the Wealthy Citizen want everyone to consider the big picture when chasing your financial goals. We are more than a sales pitch. The product I am going to promote here shortly is with in every one’s financial reach and the rewards are totally dependent on your input.

The product is Wealthy Affiliate. This is an Affiliate Marketing training institution as well as a global campus. Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or Affiliate Marketing Platforms. You sell their products and in turn earn commissions.

The Wealthy Affiliate training platform has been existence since 2005 and has helped over 1 million budding Internet Entrepreneurs. As a Wealthy Affiliate member my self I can tell you that what you see is what you get. There are no surprises such as unnecessary items to purchase or UpSells.

Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop with every thing you need to get an internet business off the ground. There is a comprehensive educational platform that will teach you the intricacies of the Affiliate Marketing business. There is the SiteRubix Platform which is where a student builds and manages websites. Domains can be purchased, content can be written and there is 24/7 site support so no matter where you are living on the planet you can be assured you site is up and running plus any problem you have can be handled quickly.


wealthy-affiliate-membershipThe internet is full of work from home ideas. Some are legitimate and some are just out to grab your money without giving you any useful information. Other want you keep purchasing their products while a person follows empty promises. Be careful and do your due diligence. I don’t think many people would but a brick and mortar business without a lot of investigation.


To help with your decision Wealthy Affiliate has a Seven-Day free trial. If with in the first seven day you are still undecided the is an opportunity to try the Premium Membership for $19.00. Every month after that is $47.00. A full premium membership is $359.00/ year. That’s 98 cents a day for a very complete package.

If you have been reading this far and are ready to take control of your Financial Empowerment please click the banner below.



If you have any questions or comments please do so below.


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Best Affiliate Marketing Course 2018

Wealthy AffiliateThe internet is full of promises and quick results. Today’s post is focusing on Wealthy Affiliate and bringing to you why this educational program is the best choice for 2018. Last year Wealthy Affiliate helped over 217,530 people start their first business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Course

Of the many features of this course is the fact that the price that is advertised is the price that you pay. There are no other costs necessary and there are no Upsells. There are some costs of doing business items however such as Domains and website themes. These purchases are not necessary and will be at your discretion.
Follow this link to a Domain Price Comparison chart.

The SiteRubix hosting platform is an all-inclusive tool and management system giving you the ability to build a website and the security to know that your website is functioning properly and with daily backups your website is functioning 24 hours a day. There is round the clock SiteSupport to help you with technical issues no matter where you are in the world day or night. Follow this link for a Hosting Comparison Chart.

When a person signs up for the seven-day free trial the lessons provided are clear and concise. During the free trial there is access to 10 Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons plus 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Training lessons plus other benefits and features other services would charge for. Follow this link to “the Key To Your Financial Freedom” for a description of the free trial privileges.

The best feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the yearly Pemium Membership. For the price of a cup of coffee a day a student has access to the full training suite plus support both technical and training. It should be noted that other than a few incidental purchases there will be no other fees. There are no Upsells. you will not be contacted for high ticket item purchases to continue on the program.

Here is a definition of Upsells – ” Upselling is a sales procedure where a seller entices a customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades and/or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more prifit from the customer. While it usually involves marketing more profitable services or products it can be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not CONSIDERED.


JaaxyJaaxy is an industry standard SEO keyword tool. It will be one of the most used items in your tool box as you write content for your website. With the Seven-day free trial a person has access to Jaaxy Starter feature. With the premium membership a student has free access to the Jaaxy Lite feature. There are two subscription levels available to every student. They cost $19.00/month and $49.00/ month. Most students are happy with the Jaaxy Lite that is provided free on course.

Why Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are joining a training institution plus you are joining a community of like-minded individuals. Everyone there has the same goal, to make money online and have a home business. With this community you are never left alone as there is always someone there to talk with and the advice is free flowing. Wealthy Affiliate is a University and Campus.

If it is your desire to attain Financial Empowerment and be your own boss Wealthy Affiliate is the key to begin that journey. Taking control of your life is a decision and commitment. If you commit to the training, the training must be applied.

It must be remembered that you are building a business. Business a building takes time and commitment. The advantage here is you just need a computer and the internet. There is not a necessity to purchase a building or hire staff. You do not need an inventory.

Who Do I Market To

You will be selling to the 3.75 billion internet users that are online looking for answers, products and services. Your job is to take your passion and turn it into a revenue generating business and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

What do I Sell

There is always something to sell. There are hundreds of affiliate opportunities to chose from. Be sure to due your due diligence on them to make sure you get paid. Go to Google and type in (any business ) + affiliate and you will find endless opportunities. There are also name brands to choose from such as Amazon and Walmart. There are Affiliate Networks to chose from such as Rakuten, CJ Affiliate and ShareASale. Another concept is to pick a product from Amazon and promote a single product.

Imagine when you go to work in the retail sector and you are selling because you need a job. Do you have to like what you sell, not necessarily so to get a paycheck you sell. Accordingly, if your passion does not sell, sell something that sells. I don’t agree with selling junk or miss information. We need honesty and integrity when we sell, but if deep fryers sell for you, sell deep fryers.

How Do I Do This

You do this by doing the four step plan as illustrated below.

Wealthy Affiliate

There is no time like the present to get started. Click the Banner below to start your Seven Day Free Trial. If you are still undecided try the next month of Premium Membership for $19.00. The following months are $47.00/month with the best price being $359.00/year

Thank you for reading the Wealthy Citizen. If you have made it this far you have nothing to lose by giving Wealthy Affiliate a try. If you have any questions please a comment below.


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Work From Home Online

What’s So Great About

Wealthy Affiliate

In my previous posts I have promoted Wealthy Affiliate. Today I am going to describe what is so great about this educational platform. The end result of Wealthy Affiliate is to make money online. The amount of income you want to generate is set by the student. Do you want a full income or just an additional supplement. This is determined by your perseverance and determination.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

The Thinker

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university designed to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in internet affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a marketing agreement in which an online retailer pays a commission to an Affiliate Marketer with an external website for sales generated from its referrals.

How Does a Person Accomplish This

This is accomplished by four steps

  1. Chose an Interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors
  4. Earn revenue

The First step of choosing an interest is a personal one. It is usually something you are passionate about and you think the world needs to be aware of. The possibilities are endless. I have a website dedicated to the rescue and raising of cats. Some students promote their own businesses and products.

The Second step of Building a website is easily accomplished with the Site Rubix feature of Wealthy Affiliate. The training provided on course guides you through the process of website creation and domain purchase. Believe it or not an experienced individual can have a website on the WWW in 15 minutes. This is where the work begins. Your new website needs to be populated and organized to be ready for business.


The Third step is to attract visitors. During the training you are trained in various methods of attracting traffic. One of the methods is through the acquisition of organic traffic by researching appropriate keywords that the search engines like Google and Bing will find and give you solid rankings on the WWW. This is accomplished by using the in house Jaaxy SEO tool. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Jaaxy has a free option for students plus two subscription options.

The Fourth step is Earning Revenue. That is the purpose and end result of all your work. It is possible to generate income that will allow you to live your life at your own pace and convenience. This is why we want to be affiliate marketers.

Who Is This For

Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing is for anyone who wants to devote the time to accomplish this goal. It must be mentioned that this is a university and the building of a business. When you enroll in any educational program the results achieved are directly related to your effort. This is not a get-rich-quick program. If you do not apply your self here there will be no rewards, but imagine that you can do as much business from your desk as a brick and mortar store with significantly less overhead.

Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of students that range from high school students to tradesmen, retired individuals to doctors and lawyers. It is perfect for the stay at home individual that wants an income supplement.

Wealthy Affiliate is also a campus with 24/7 support both from students and technical support. The only tools you will need are a computer and an internet service. Do not worry about your computer skills as they will develop as you proceed through the course.

What Does It Cost

The best place to start with this program is with the Seven-Day Free Trial. This will allow you to get exposure and see if this is for you. The next option is to go with a Premium Membership for $19.00 for the first month. This will expose you to the advantages of being a Premium Member. There is no obligation for you to continue and there will be no sales pressure on you. The best option is to purchase the Full Premium membership for $359.00 a year. That means for the price of a cup of coffee a day you will have access to the full training suite. There will be nothing else to purchase during your training other than a few incidentals like Domains (.com, .NET, .org). To get started there are free themes for your website and as you gain experience there will be themes that you can purchase.


For more information on what is available with your Premium Membership please follow this link to my page “The Key To Your Financial Freedom

There has never been a better time to make a change in your life. Click the Banner below to start your Free Trial. There is no credit card required just your time.



I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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Steps To Becoming Wealthy

Fork in the road

The Power Of The Wealthy Citizen

Through every ones life there comes a time when you come to a cross road. The cross roads appears all through our lives. Decisions need to be made and be they right or wrong we have to live with them. Some of these cross road issues are hard because we do not posses the necessary information to make good decisions.

Our educational systems and some people of influence leave us with only enough knowledge to be good tax payers. At the cross roads the decisions are made.

The questions could be, I don’t like my job or should I move away. It could be I need more money, how do I get it. I am retiring soon and I can’t afford it. If only we had the power to change things.

That is the purpose of this website is to bring to you The Power of the Wealthy Citizen. This power is knowledge.

The power you can acquire here is that you can start your own business and run your own life. I think everyone wants to be financially independent. That independence gives you the power provide, help and live a lifestyle at your pace and be limited by your own imagination.

If you need a change here are some steps to get started.

Develop A Plan

Wealthy Affiliate

Find a way to educate yourself ( I have the answer for that. It’s Wealthy Affiliate ). Get started on the education and implement the training. Don’t quit your job until you are ready to lose your paycheck.

Don’t Overspend

Don’t overspend beyond your means. Buy what you can afford and try to stay away from credit. If your credit cards are maxed out go to a bank and get a consolidation loan and get away from high interest rates. I remember reading some financial advice stating that a person does not have to buy the best groceries. That’s bad advice. Eat healthy and exercise and you will be in better shape to complete your plan.

Put What Money You Have To Work

If you can save 15% of your paycheck. Do not miss out by not contributing to a company retirement fund. If necessary find a financial adviser to help you invest and save. Choose your adviser carefully and make sure you get value for your fees. If you have your own business a good accountant will save you stress at Tax Time and give you tips on tax saving advice.

Start Your Own Business

 This is the key to your financial independence. While we are all busy with life an option to getting a business started is to have an at home business. The answer to this is Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate marketing and its spin-offs could give you the opportunity to live life on your own terms.

The education available at Wealthy Affiliate will give you business opportunities limited only by your imagination. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to conduct an online business as an affiliate marketer. Do you want to promote someones goods by being an affiliate, do you have your own product or service to sell? It its even possible to build websites for customers and put your skills to work supporting clients. The best part of this is it can be done from the comfort from your own home and at your own convenience. Imagine your office looking like this and doing as much business as a brick and mortar store.

Office desk

Financial empowerment allows you to make decisions in many ways. Developing a lifestyle that appeals to you plus the ability to be an influence in your community is something that likely won’t happen as you are employed by someone else. Politicians listen to rich people. Rich people can be powerful positive voices in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Building a business takes time and effort. A university education take years to complete and leaves you with enormous debt. Then you can go and find a job. Building a career takes decades and then you can retire on your pension plan which may not be adequate.

If you have read this far its time to give Wealthy Affiliate a try starting with the Seven-Day Free Trial. If at this time you are still unsure take advantage of this BONUS. The first month of Premium Membership can be had for $19.00. This allows you to participate in full membership privileges for one month. The following months are $47.00/ month. The best deal is a full year subscription for $359.00 a year or 98 cents a day. There is nothing else to buy except some incidentals relevant to the business such as website Domains or premium website themes. There are no Up Sells.


I am sure you will find that the training and the Wealthy Affiliate community educational and exciting. For more information follow this link to Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom.

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