Best Affiliate Marketing Course 2018

Wealthy AffiliateThe internet is full of promises and quick results. Today’s post is focusing on Wealthy Affiliate and bringing to you why this educational program is the best choice for 2018. Last year Wealthy Affiliate helped over 217,530 people start their first business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Course

Of the many features of this course is the fact that the price that is advertised is the price that you pay. There are no other costs necessary and there are no Upsells. There are some costs of doing business items however such as Domains and website themes. These purchases are not necessary and will be at your discretion.
Follow this link to a Domain Price Comparison chart.

The SiteRubix hosting platform is an all-inclusive tool and management system giving you the ability to build a website and the security to know that your website is functioning properly and with daily backups your website is functioning 24 hours a day. There is round the clock SiteSupport to help you with technical issues no matter where you are in the world day or night. Follow this link for a Hosting Comparison Chart.

When a person signs up for the seven-day free trial the lessons provided are clear and concise. During the free trial there is access to 10 Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons plus 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Training lessons plus other benefits and features other services would charge for. Follow this link to “the Key To Your Financial Freedom” for a description of the free trial privileges.

The best feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the yearly Pemium Membership. For the price of a cup of coffee a day a student has access to the full training suite plus support both technical and training. It should be noted that other than a few incidental purchases there will be no other fees. There are no Upsells. you will not be contacted for high ticket item purchases to continue on the program.

Here is a definition of Upsells – ” Upselling is a sales procedure where a seller entices a customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades and/or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more prifit from the customer. While it usually involves marketing more profitable services or products it can be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not CONSIDERED.


JaaxyJaaxy is an industry standard SEO keyword tool. It will be one of the most used items in your tool box as you write content for your website. With the Seven-day free trial a person has access to Jaaxy Starter feature. With the premium membership a student has free access to the Jaaxy Lite feature. There are two subscription levels available to every student. They cost $19.00/month and $49.00/ month. Most students are happy with the Jaaxy Lite that is provided free on course.

Why Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are joining a training institution plus you are joining a community of like-minded individuals. Everyone there has the same goal, to make money online and have a home business. With this community you are never left alone as there is always someone there to talk with and the advice is free flowing. Wealthy Affiliate is a University and Campus.

If it is your desire to attain Financial Empowerment and be your own boss Wealthy Affiliate is the key to begin that journey. Taking control of your life is a decision and commitment. If you commit to the training, the training must be applied.

It must be remembered that you are building a business. Business a building takes time and commitment. The advantage here is you just need a computer and the internet. There is not a necessity to purchase a building or hire staff. You do not need an inventory.

Who Do I Market To

You will be selling to the 3.75 billion internet users that are online looking for answers, products and services. Your job is to take your passion and turn it into a revenue generating business and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

What do I Sell

There is always something to sell. There are hundreds of affiliate opportunities to chose from. Be sure to due your due diligence on them to make sure you get paid. Go to Google and type in (any business ) + affiliate and you will find endless opportunities. There are also name brands to choose from such as Amazon and Walmart. There are Affiliate Networks to chose from such as Rakuten, CJ Affiliate and ShareASale. Another concept is to pick a product from Amazon and promote a single product.

Imagine when you go to work in the retail sector and you are selling because you need a job. Do you have to like what you sell, not necessarily so to get a paycheck you sell. Accordingly, if your passion does not sell, sell something that sells. I don’t agree with selling junk or miss information. We need honesty and integrity when we sell, but if deep fryers sell for you, sell deep fryers.

How Do I Do This

You do this by doing the four step plan as illustrated below.

Wealthy Affiliate

There is no time like the present to get started. Click the Banner below to start your Seven Day Free Trial. If you are still undecided try the next month of Premium Membership for $19.00. The following months are $47.00/month with the best price being $359.00/year

Thank you for reading the Wealthy Citizen. If you have made it this far you have nothing to lose by giving Wealthy Affiliate a try. If you have any questions please a comment below.


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