Passive Income Ideas – 2018

Build a Business

Passive Income Ideas

Passive income is the ability to build an online business that utilizes automated processes around the clock to allow you to capture income while you sleep. Passive income is a necessary factor in securing your financial empowerment.

Passive income can take on many forms and one of the easiest is to develop a savings program and learn how to invest your saved income. The best time to start that is as soon as you start working. It is best if a person could put 10 to 15 % a month of your net income away into a retirement fund. If actually is difficult for you to save be sure to utilize your company retirement fund. You will find you don’t miss the extra spending money and when invested properly it will grow into a nice sum in a few years. Personal debt reduction is necessary if you are looking for money to invest. Follow this link to my post on Personal Debt Reduction.

The Financial Adviser

Financial Advisor
Bull and Bear

There are two roads to take when considering a financial adviser. The first is to hire someone to look after your retirement fund. This will cost you in management fees, but if you don’t want to spend the time managing your own account this is an option. Choose your adviser wisely and ask lots of questions such as what training do you have, how much do you charge, who will be working with me, who regulates you, do I get monthly reports, how do I withdraw funds? Do not be afraid to shop around.

The second step is to learn to be your own financial adviser. This takes study and good decision-making. There are lots of online resources available to begin your education in retirement planning. Most banks have online investing and brokerages to get you going on your wealth building journey along with options with what ever investing chicle you chose such as stocks, mutual funds or commodities. Some people have had good success with this approach. It is an option that is not for every one.

Find Something To Sell

Affiliate Markerter

Finding something to sell as passive income requires a product to move and a medium to move it. Finding something to sell can start with your passions or skills. Do you have a thought that the world needs to know about or some specific training that the word needs?

Passive income comes from the idea that you can set up shop from home and work in your spare time until the moment comes when you can quit your job and live off your passive income. The internet has 4 billion daily users and utilizing websites and internet marketing it is possible to create income that a person would find hard when working as an employee.

I really believe that the sooner a person get thinking about passive income the better positioned you will be when some unforeseen event causes you to leave your job. Imagine if you started in high school discovering and finding your niche market. It would be possible to go to university and not have to worry about student loans.

Perhaps you are employed in a job you don,t enjoy. Finding your niche market and getting your passive income started would relieve you from the paycheck to paycheck rut. Don’t find yourself learning to live with a job you dislike just for the salary.

Internet Marketing

Internet affiliate marketing and building a home business is a task that takes time to establish. There is no Easy Button and there is not a money slot in the side of your computer where cash flows out. The best part of a home business is that you do not need a building, inventory or staff.

To start Internet Marketing and begin creating your passive income a person needs training and an education where you can focus on building a business rather than pulling a bunch of resources together and trying to piece it all together.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes to you with a one stop shop where you can build websites and get trained on how to build a web base business for less than a dollar a day.

Wealthy Affiliate helped over 217,000 student get started with their online business last year. Wealthy Affiliate is more than a training platform, it is a community of over 800,000 students from 195 countries that you can network with any hour of the day or night.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

The four step process of building a passive income is straight forward demonstrated by the graphic shown below.

When a person signs up for the Wealthy Affiliate training program you begin by

Wealthy Affiliate


Picking An Interest

This is the process where you decide what you can give to the world. What interests you? A review of your passions or talents and you will have something to sell. If you just want to sell something there are affiliate programs to join. If you want to pick something special just try Googling any product or service + affiliate and you will find something to sell. Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through the process.

Build A Website

This is easily done in the SiteRubix platform. Think of your website as your storefront. The training guides you to a build world-class websites. You also get view hundreds of student websites and ask questions with students from all over the world in the live chat feature. There are 3000 plus themes to choose from. Some of these are free and there are themes for purchase.

Attract Visitors


After your website is populated and set up as you like the next step is to attract visitors (customers) to your site. You will be instructed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This involves picking the proper keywords so that search engines can direct visitors to your site. The Jaaxy SEO tool is included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership. From there your job is write interesting and informative content. This will build your reputation in your chosen nice and become a subject matter expert.

Earn Revenue

Once you have traffic coming to your site you can earn revenue from your site from joining affiliate programs such as Amazon. There are over 100,000 affiliate programs to join giving you unlimited choices in finding ways to monetize your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the techniques necessary to build your website and start producing passive income.

There is no end to the passive income ideas. It is important to get your finances in order and reduce your debt load. From there build your own business. The best time is to start NOW and Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for you to build your own business. For less than a dollar a day you will be a member of a world-class training platform with all the benefits. There are no Upsells. The training is presented to you with no hidden or extra things to buy. There are some incidental purchases, but they are not necessary.

Click on the banner below to try the Seven-Day Free Trial.


That’s my story for today. Work hard for a few years so that you can spend most of your life living on your own terms. Stop being an employee and think like a boss. Follow this link to my ” The Key To Your Financial Freedom” page  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


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