What Is Financial Empowerment


Why would anyone want to pursue financial empowerment? Why not just work at your job and accept the results of someone else’s decisions. With a vast majority of people being dissatisfied with their current employment now is the time to pursue Financial Empowerment.

What Is Financial Empowerment

In the new Justice League movie Barry Allen asks Bruce Wayne – What’s your super power? Bruce says I am ” Rich”. Being rich gives Bruce Wayne unlimited opportunities. That’s the fantasy part.

In reality Financial Empowerment allows you to live life on your own terms. Financial Empowerment is the ability define your days, help those around you and live your retirement without stress. These terms are defined by you and are product of your own efforts. In reality achieving the financial freedom you might want is not easy or quick. There are no get-rich-quick programs. Usually anything worthwhile takes time. Any post secondary education takes time, money and effort to complete and gives you the opportunity for employment.

Where To Start

Piggy Bank


The place to start your Financial Empowerment is where you are sitting right now. Let’s begin.

First : Are you are living with in your means? This means don’t overspend and stay away from credit.

Second : Are you participating in your company retirement plan? It is a good habit to develop a way to save money from your current income. Try saving 10- 15% from every paycheck.

Third : Learn how to invest. This task can be as big as you want it to be. Some people learn the ropes and trade stocks and commodities and trade as well as a broker. This takes a great deal of study and requires a margin account to be a player. This is a popular idea and is not for every one.

For the average wage earner another option to investing is to find a reputable financial/retirement adviser and make regular paycheck contributions. Its best to start when you are young, but if you are not young start now.

Fourth : Learn how to reduce your taxes. If you are going to pay income tax reduce that amount by making charitable contributions. There are lots of credible charities to chose from, be sure they give you a usable tax receipt that your countries tax system will acknowledge.

Fifth : Start a business. This will give you tax breaks and allow you to pursue your entrepreneurial desires. The type of business to start begins with what you are passionate about. Starting a brick and mortar business requires financing and a good plan. Are you ready to leave your job and pursue your dream full time?

Work From Home

This is a great idea that you can work on when you are not ready to quit your job, or you are still at school. Your hours are flexible and can be fit into your daily routine.

We here at the Wealthy Citizen want everyone to consider the big picture when chasing your financial goals. We are more than a sales pitch. The product I am going to promote here shortly is with in every one’s financial reach and the rewards are totally dependent on your input.

The product is Wealthy Affiliate. This is an Affiliate Marketing training institution as well as a global campus. Affiliate Marketing is a relationship between you and a company or Affiliate Marketing Platforms. You sell their products and in turn earn commissions.

The Wealthy Affiliate training platform has been existence since 2005 and has helped over 1 million budding Internet Entrepreneurs. As a Wealthy Affiliate member my self I can tell you that what you see is what you get. There are no surprises such as unnecessary items to purchase or UpSells.

Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop with every thing you need to get an internet business off the ground. There is a comprehensive educational platform that will teach you the intricacies of the Affiliate Marketing business. There is the SiteRubix Platform which is where a student builds and manages websites. Domains can be purchased, content can be written and there is 24/7 site support so no matter where you are living on the planet you can be assured you site is up and running plus any problem you have can be handled quickly.


wealthy-affiliate-membershipThe internet is full of work from home ideas. Some are legitimate and some are just out to grab your money without giving you any useful information. Other want you keep purchasing their products while a person follows empty promises. Be careful and do your due diligence. I don’t think many people would but a brick and mortar business without a lot of investigation.


To help with your decision Wealthy Affiliate has a Seven-Day free trial. If with in the first seven day you are still undecided the is an opportunity to try the Premium Membership for $19.00. Every month after that is $47.00. A full premium membership is $359.00/ year. That’s 98 cents a day for a very complete package.

If you have been reading this far and are ready to take control of your Financial Empowerment please click the banner below.



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