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Those of us who go to work every day to be providers and work hard for our money do not like being scammed out our paycheck.  Let’s look at some ideas on how to protect yourself.  As we try to find ways to supplement our incomes we go to the internet to find work from home solutions. The internet is full of promises. It is upon you to think clearly and do your due diligence.

Work From Home Due Diligence

The BBB. Better Business Bureaus collect information on suspicious companies and scams. When you check be specific and ask a lot of questions.

In Canada the RCMP has resources available to help you check for fraud. Check with your local police service to see if they have a fraud tip line or website.

If a potential Work From Home site is more interested in personal information and credit card numbers instead of providing information on the job – RUN.

Always do an internet search for reviews. Check with social media or do a YouTube search.

Real doctors don’t have to keep telling you they are a real doctor. Real businesses don’t always have to continually reinforce that they are legitimate.

Doubt every thing until it is proved otherwise. Emotional sales pitches and long videos with no time progress bar are a good sign that they are working on your emotions to hopefully get your credit card number. Always check the”About Me” or contact pages to see if the contact information is usable.

You should not have to buy a job. Job training is usually provided by the employer. The employer should provide you with a pay scale, when and how you get paid.

Trust your instincts. I have a real story where this really paid off. I personally knew this gentleman that  was a travelling evangelist. One day I get a nice letter in the mail asking for funding to support his Gold mines in Africa. I did not participate and then years later I read a news story where he was telling his story of how all his dreams fell apart and probably a lot of investors cash.

Do not give personal information to anyone who is more interested in your contact information than giving you useful information.

Work From Home

The work from home solution I have for you is not about a job, but buying education so you can build your own business. There are no get-rich-quick programs or easy buttons to your Financial Empowerment. That’s why I want to present to you the following.

Wealthy Affiliate

Building a Business requires a personal dedication and time spent. What you get with Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what is presented to you when you review the website. There are no hidden features or costs. The Seven-Day Free Trial allows you to test the waters. Please click this link to go to my “The Key To Your Financial Empowerment” page for more complete information.

Wealthy Affiliate is world-class online training environment that will provide you with the skills to build an income generating website and participate in the world of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is where a person builds a website and the associates themselves with a company or an Affiliate Marketing Platform. You then sell their product for commissions.

Here is an example of a Wealthy Affiliate Website This is an example of a Cat Care website that is an Amazon Affiliate.

The premise behind Wealthy Affiliate is that a person goes through a four step program of choosing an interest, building a website then attracting visitors and then earning revenue. It is not necessary to be computer-literate, however a rudimentary computer understanding helps.

Wealthy Affiliate

As you research and do your due diligence of the Wealthy Affiliate program you will find that the training and what is expected of you is given right from the beginning. There are no Upsells or hidden costs to be surprised with. The full Premium membership is $359.00/year or 98 cents a day for a quality educational program. There is 24/7 support both technical and tutorial advice. There is a global student cadre that you can talk to any time.

It is my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is good value for dollar and the profit potential is limited by your own determination.

Click on the banner below to start your Seven day free trial. If you are still undecided the first month of Premium membership can be purchased for $19.00, a saving when compared to the regular $47.00/Month.



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