You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once

We are all given the same 24 hours a day to do what ever you want. After you leave your parents guidance everyone has the opportunity to play your own game. Why is it that some people go on to be successful and some do not seem to get anywhere? I think the answer lies in personal motivation and desire. Life is short so it is important to remember you only live once.

After High School

The high school years should be spent preparing for post secondary education. Preparation for a future in medicine, sciences, or a highly technical career will need a good grounding in the maths and sciences to allow a university enrollment. Accordingly, a career in the arts or journalism will require the necessary preparation. This is where a talk with a guidance counselor would be helpful. I have found from experience that it is necessary to follow your heart as some people will try to put you in a box because they think they know you. Even if an aptitude test points you in one direction, WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO?

Post secondary educations cost a lot these days. Some folks like to work before continuing their education. There is nothing wrong with this path, however this is where it is possible to lose focus on your dream and possibly develop a debt load. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life and trying new things, however do not get carried away with easy financing and big purchases. I worked in a logging camp for a couple of winters. Some of my co-workers left the bush in the spring as broke as they went in. Why work that hard for nothing.

The Thinker

Another avenue if you don’t mind the commitment is to join the military. With a minimum amount of service you could have your university education paid for and in Canada if your aspiration is to be an astronaut, this is a good career path. A career in the military is rewarding and if you join when you are young enough it is possible to retire at an early age with a good pension.

Post high school is an exciting experience. This where you get to develop who you are and how you fit into the world. It is also where many things are working to occupy your time and your money.

It must be noted that because you are free to do anything, not everything is good for you. Just because you are busy, it does not mean you are doing anything useful.

If this sounds like old guy advice, it is because of life experience. Wasted time is time that you can not recover. There is a Buddhist quote that says : The trouble is you think you have time!


University is necessary for professional careers. I recently wrote a post on my Cat Care website on becoming a veterinarian. Any medical profession requires a university education. Should you feel pointed in this direction all the best to you and follow your dreams. I really believe that the world needs scientists, medical professionals and people that can improve life for everyone. Dreamers and thinking outside the box with passion is a gift. Explore your gifts.


Tradesmen keep the world working. If the commitment for four plus years of university is unappealing the tradesman route is a good option. Tradesmen are usually highly employable. Trades from carpentry, automotive, plumbing, or electrical are available to you with less cost and quicker employment than a university path. Check for trade school in your area.

The Entrepreneur

Affiliate MarkerterI think everyone has a moment of inspiration that never has any follow up. For what ever reason we don’t chase our dreams maybe because of commitments, time, family or any number of reasons. During our lives I think everyone has become frustrated with our jobs. Being dissatisfied with our jobs hits every level of the population. We tolerate a difficult situation out of a feeling of helplessness. That’s why it is important to never stop dreaming or letting other people define our future.

Dream chasing is always easier when we are young with few commitments. In other posts I have written about debt reduction and learning how to save. These elements are not that complicated and can give you the freedom to chase your dreams.

If your dream is to be self-employed and financially independent I have a possible solution.

What The World Needs

The world needs tradesmen, scientists, soldiers, policemen, artists, athletes and people who make the world a better place. We must not forget the Mums and Dads that work hard for their families. The dreamers and entrepreneurs that come from every walk of life can help to fulfill this need.

Starting your own business or promoting you dream idea needs an education and guidance. The option I am going to present to you is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that will prepare you to build a website and promote your product or service. Please follow this link for more information on what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

If your desire is to own your own internet business or sell your own product or even bring your professional education to the world Wealthy Affiliate can help you get your ideas out there. All prices are in USD

The Trouble Is You Think You Have Time

The days, months and years slip by sometimes and when you stand back a person wonders where they went. While I don’t think it is necessary or healthy to have your nose to the grindstone all the time, it is necessary to display commitment, discipline and consistency in order to be successful at anything.

There are many things in this world that are designed to rob you of your time, money and health. I mentioned earlier that being busy does not mean you are productive.

Building an online business with Wealthy Affiliate requires all the attributes of commitment, discipline and consistency. The difference being is that while you will work hard for a short time to build a respectable income you don’t have to spend a lifetime working for someone else, especially if the thrill of your employment is no longer there.

The time to start is now. Financial Empowerment starts with an idea and a desire to do more. Financial Empowerment allows you to make the rules and set the bar. Be your own boss and live life on your own terms. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try with the seven-day free trial. There will be no pressure if you decide not to continue.

That’s my story for today If you have any comments or questions please do so at the bottom.


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