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In my last post we talked about Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is where someone builds a website and with the market you have selected to promote go through the process to monetize it and then you are paid commissions. Some examples of this are A Cat Care website with Amazon products being promoted. Go to for a look. Another idea is Football Snack Helmets and another website promotes juicers.

After you select a market the next step is to promote it either through regular informational posts as I do with this website or with advertising through social media, forums and such. All the techniques you need are described in the training provided through Wealthy Affiliate.

Financial Empowerment begins with KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is power like the horses in the picture. With this power you get to make decisions and have more control over your life. Wealthy Affiliate provides this you with this knowledge.

How To Pick A Niche

This process can be confusing or it can be easy. First of all it can be overthought. Ideas to start with are, what do you like to do or are deeply passionate about. This can be anything from cooking to pets to skills that you have. You are limited only by your imagination. Other options are to find a product and promote that. I have seen a website that sells solar lighting. Another website produced by an individual sells organic cookies and products. So you can see the ideas are endless.

When there are times when you can not decide on a NICHE market for you there are Affiliate Marketing Platforms such as ShareASale or Rakuten Marketing that can connect you to vast array of products and services where you should have no problem finding a market suited to you.

Another method of finding an affiliate for you to work with is to use Google and search for a company or product you like and add + affiliate to your search. The search could look like this “car parts + affiliate” or “gardening + affiliate”. Again the possibilities are endless.

There is a word of caution here. I was researching a company that sells home and industrial security equipment. I know this company and I trust their products and services, but their affiliate program only pays .01% commission. When you find an affiliate you like it is necessary for you to do your homework and know what the commissions are, how and when they pay. You must do your due diligence.

Work From Home

The ability to conduct this business can be accomplished from home. Here is what is necessary.

It is necessary to choose an interest.

You have to build a website and that is accomplished with Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate you will be instructed on attracting traffic to your website.

With all that work you will generate revenue.

These four short steps set you on the journey to becoming an Affiliate Marketer. The first step on this journey is to accept the training that is available to you at Wealthy Affiliate. You must realize that this is not a GET RICH QUICK program. For most people it is a new learning curve and it is necessary to follow the training and act on it.

Who Is This For

The course at Wealthy Affiliate is for you. It’s for the student that needs income. It’s for the wage earner who is tired of commuting and office life. It’s for the close to retirement person with a poor or no retirement fund. This work from home course and business is perfect for the home care giver. Post secondary education takes time and money. Most students leave with a big student loan with not necessarily having employment.

The course at Wealthy Affiliate can be done at your convenience and for the cost of a cup of coffee a day. The cost is Free for the first seven days. The next month is priced at $19.00 to go to the premium membership with each month after that costing $47.00. The best package is to sign up for a full year for $359.00. This works out to 98 cents a day for a full premium membership.

Remember you are building a business. A business that can produce as much income as a brick and mortar store. Take the training seriously and apply it.

Please follow the link “Wealthy Affiliate – The Key To Your Financial Freedom” for more complete course information.

The beginning of your Financial Empowerment starts with a CLICK.

Wealthy Affiliate

Your Financial Empowerment begins with a decision and follows with your commitment. I tell my son – You can plan your days or have someone plan them for you.

Have a wonderful day



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  1. Hi Trpeng; I Have read through your post on successful home business ideas. And I have found it straight forward and to the point.

    You have mentioned my phrase ‘Knowledge is the key to a successful business’ Do you not believe that the way in which Wealthy Affiliate is structured, one can acquire all the necessary knowledge that is needed to start and develop a successful online business?
    Keep up your good work

    1. Hello Dorcas. Thank you for the review. Yes, you are right Wealthy Affiliate does provide this knowledge. Thanks again for your comment and much success to you.


  2. I have been searching for ways to start an online business and I am really glad I found your site. It’s really interesting there are so many different niche ideas. Hard to believe that someone actually has a site dedicated to football snack helmets! I guess you truly can turn any niche into a business. I have a finance background, do you have any ideas on what direction I could go with that as a niche, or is that too broad? Thanks for sharing this post, I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hello Steve. Thank you for reading the Wealthy Citizen. With a background in finance I think there are numerous niche items to think about. For instance learning how to save and invest for retirement is always a necessary topic. In the 1990,s I traded commodities. I believe that a course on trading options on futures would be a good topic for the right person. If you could convince everyone to invest for retirement early in life you would be providing a useful service. Thank you again.

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