Best Work From Home Careers – 2018


Everyone’s intention is to be debt free and have financial freedom. This is hard to accomplish working for someone else. The question is how do we achieve Financial Empowerment. The answer is to work for your self. So what is the best work from home career for you this year?

Your Options

With so any options available on the internet it is necessary to narrow the choices available to you. Probably like most people looking for passive income you probably don’t have a large amount of disposable income to start a business.

An issue that has to be considered is that when doing your due diligence on any web based work from home business is the hidden costs or Upsells that might be a surprise after you sign up. Some companies will have you sign up for $49.00, but to complete the whole course will cost you $12,000.00. Be careful.

I believe that a home business has to fit your lifestyle and available time. It should be noted that when you are building a business the project must be taken seriously and be approached as a business. You will no longer be an employee, you are the boss. Think like a boss.

The Best Option

Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best options I have found for making money online is to participate in Affiliate Marketing. This is best done by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This a training platform where you can transform your ideas into profits.

Through a four step process and a close application of the training you can build a business that will provide you with an income while you sleep. That is the key to Financial Empowerment.

Wealthy Affiliate

98 Cents a Day

98 Cents a Day

What can you do for 98 cents a day? We have all spent money on nickel and dime products. There is nothing wrong with that. The neat thing is that for 98 cents a day you can build a business. You can build a business that requires no inventory, buildings or staff. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. Members of Wealthy Affiliate have produced Blogs that produce thousands of dollars a month.

There is a catch to this that can not be denied. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not a few key board strokes and the money will pour out of the back of the computer. It is a business that takes time build and it takes time to build a customer base and loyalty. Success depends on your dedication and application of the training.

What You Get For 98 Cents A Day

For starters there is a complete training platform. The online certification course has 50 lessons and the Affiliate Bootcamp has 70 lessons. Along with the lessons there is weekly live training plus an extensive class room training that is available to you.

It is now possible to build a website in minutes. There are free themes available with 3000 premium themes available for you to build world-class websites. There are domains available for purchase and with complete site protection and 24/7 site support. Premium members can host up to 50 websites. There are over 50,000 feature extensions (plug ins ) that are available to you for free.

Creating content for your website is a big part of building your business. With Wealthy Affiliate it is possible with the SiteContent feature to create, organize and publish your content. With the many features such as the SiteContent Grammar, SiteContent Images, automatic image compression technology, and the internal plagiarism checker this is a service that will make writing content easy.

Industry Standard Keyword Platform

JaaxyWith every Premium Membership you will have access to the Jaaxy keyword, Niche and website research tool. Jaaxy is an indispensable tool in researching your keywords for good SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). This allows you to position yourself properly in the search engines for rankings which allows people to find your website easily.


You Are Not Alone

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a training platform, it is a community. With in this community you will be able to mingle with course members from all over the world. There are currently 1,400,000 student from 193 countries that you can talk to and ask questions. There are currently 3 focus groups in progress plus a 24/7 live chat that are focused on affiliate marketing and willing to help you succeed. For more information I would suggest you go to my The Key to Your Financial Freedom page for more information.

In Review

There is not a better deal on the internet than 98 cents a day to build a web based passive income stream. Stop being an employee and become the boss. Financial Empowerment starts with a dream and a decision.

If your are undecided give the 7-day free trial a test drive. It does not have all the privileges of the Premium membership. The Key to Your Financial Freedom page describes in detail what is available to you. After the free trial the is a bonus of trying the first month of Premium Membership for $19.00. There is no obligation to continue if you find this business is not for you.

Should you decide to enroll for the yearly Premium Membership for $359.00 you will find a great community to grow with and there will be no other Upsells. There are some incidental costs such as Domains or some themes, but these are not necessary.

Click on the Banner Below to get started.


That’s my story for today. Please leave a comment or ask a question and I will get back to you.


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